• 5 things to do on your first time in London

    London is a city that is on everyone’s bucket list. Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace are all sights that have many of us have grown up with, so naturally, on one’s first time to London, many tourists flock from one tourist spot to the next. However, there is much more to London than […]

  • In need of some TLC? Look no further… Health and Heels is here to help

    Since living in London, I’ve found that even though life is fast paced and hectic, there are lots of conveniences designed to make things easier. One of those things is the fact that you can get pretty much anything delivered to your door – from massage therapists to cat food. When you’re stressed and in […]

  • London Weekend Getaway: Lake Como

    Hello there! Just when I thought this blog was dying a slow death… I’ve been inspired to write again. I guess part of the reason I stopped is time – in London I seldom have 2 hours at home on a weekend to write, and also reviewing restaurants and events sort of got dull after […]

  • Cape Town: From the City to Safari

    This is the next installment of the Cape Town series we started a while back is here! This time it’s on days 1-4 of Luca’s trip which started off in the City and ended on a safari 🙂 Day 1: Gearing Up Cape Town’s International Airport is situated about 20km from the city centre. We […]






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