• 4 things I learnt at business school (that have nothing to do with business)

    INSEAD withdrawal is real. It first hit me when I went back to South Africa immediately after graduation. Imagine having some of the brightest minds around you 24/7 – every conversation you have is engaging and stimulating (even when you’re talking about utter nonsense,) everyone is a risk taker, an achiever, a global citizen. You practice […]

  • 10 things I love about London

    I have a strange relationship with London. Most of the time, I’m giddy with excitement at the amount of things to do on any given weekend, and the old architecture, melting pot of cultures, beautiful parks and proximity to the rest of Europe. Other times, I walk out my door, it’s raining again, and I […]

  • The Big Three-O, and a Paris hot list

    If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen all my posts from Paris, where I spent the past few days, including my 30th birthday. When I plan blog posts, I usually think of the skeleton first, and then start writing. I knew I wanted to share a little bit about turning 30, but […]

  • South Africa to London –> how it’s done!

    I’ve been wanting to write about my move to London for some time now. The reason it’s taken me this long is, well, because I’m in London. There’s so much to do and see that I find myself constantly overwhelmed at the amount of options available – finding time to blog is quite difficult. We […]






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