• Cape Town: From the City to Safari

    This is the next installment of the Cape Town series we started a while back is here! This time it’s on days 1-4 of Luca’s trip which started off in the City and ended on a safari 🙂 Day 1: Gearing Up Cape Town’s International Airport is situated about 20km from the city centre. We […]

  • Cape Town: First time visit

    Hi everyone!  A colleague and friend of mine, Luca, visited Cape Town with his girlfriend for the first time last year. I’m going to be sharing some of his experiences on the blog over the coming weeks. Here goes!  We’ve spent an amazing 11 days in South Africa back in November. First thought that comes […]

  • Visiting SA and need some travel help? Look no further!

    FunTourz (www.funtourz.com) is a new startup company owned by two sisters from Austria, Ilka and Nora who love to travel and want to give tips and recommendations to travelers. They work in the travel industry therefore have the knowledge in what new and returning visitors may be interested in doing when exploring South Africa. Ilka […]

  • Simple Ways to Save on Your Next Car

    Buying a car is a big decision, but it’s always an exciting one to make. There are a lot options to consider and plenty of things to do before you can finally drive your new car. There are also plenty of ways you save money along the way. In this article, we’re going to take […]






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