• Is it time to switch from risk assets to other trading instruments?

    If we look at the global economic picture, one can say that it is probably the most difficult periods in our modern time to make investment decisions. Let’s see briefly how the situation stands. The global economy in a nutshell In the United States, we had probably one of the most impressive economic recoveries, starting […]

  • How to spend 2 weeks in Japan: The Ultimate Itinerary

    Hello hello! It feels good to be back on Jozilicious. It’s probably been a year since I’ve blogged properly. What have I been doing since? Well, DOING. Living in London is so consuming and it’s just super charged vs. my life in JHB. Between work, travel, socialising and just LONDON… being at home with my […]

  • Winter Spring Cleaning

    In the modern world, people haven’t got used to looking after their clothes, considering how quickly and simply they can buy a new thing. There is a lot of styles, a relatively adequate price, and an ever-changing fashion. However, if you are the owner of high-quality and costly clothing, then you should have some knowledge […]

  • The Best UK SIM card and underground tickets for tourists in London

    In a city like London, you need to be connected 24/7. Whether you’re taking public transport, or walking – Google Maps / Citymapper is a must. – just using public wifi won’t cut it. So what’s the best and cheapest SIM card in the UK? I always recommend Three mobile. Not only do they have […]






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