I started this blog with the aim to share travel experiences I’ve had, and hopefully get to hear other people’s travel experiences.
I  am passionate about travel and would literally spend ALL my savings on holidays if I could.
I think that travelling to new places not only gives you something to look forward to all year, but also really adds to your life experience.
We live in such a tiny bubble most of the time- home-work-home-gym routine… we sometimes are oblivious to the fact that there are so many other people living completely different lives to us. It’s fascinating to get a glimpse into that.

I haven’t travelled a huge amount, so I’ll blog about where I have been in the past few years.
I want to start with Zanzibar.

I had just started a new job and didnt have much leave, but I was still dying for an international holiday. I started researching and Zanzibar seemed ideal. 1time flies there on a Saturday and a Tuesday. I tend to get bored sitting doing nothing on a beach for more than a day, so 3 nights there was perfect for us.

The flight was only 3 hours long and it went by in 2 ticks.
It’s important not to have any preconceptions when you go there (or anywhere, for that matter.) Just soak in the vibe of the place you’re in and try not to compare it to home.
The town itself is REALLY rustic and there isn’t much to do apart from be at your resort.
So forget walking around on foot and exploring. You can do day towns to the city (called Stone Town) or to a Spice Farm but that won’t occupy you for more than 2 days.

As always, I recommend researching your hotel on, as not all the beaches in Zanzibar are idyllic. Some have hectic tides and coral gets swept up onto the sand for kms. We stayed at La Gemma Del Est and loved it. The beach is really stunning,clear waters and white sand.

The resort itself is also very picturesque. They claim that it’s 5 star but I would say it’s more 4 star by SA standards. There’s a wide variety of food and drinks that are all inclusive. I usually stay away from all inclusive packages ‘cos on most holidays you spend so much time away from the resort that you miss alot of meals, but in Zanzibar it’s worth it.

So all in all, a really lovely getaway- relaxing, affordable and beautiful 🙂

Have a lovely weekend all!
Keep a lookout for new blogs on India and South America.

x H