South America

We had a fabulous 2 week long honeymoon in South America. I’ve been wanting to blog about it for a while, but I knew it would be a long blog so I needed to have adequate time.

We flew SAA. I really would NOT recommend them for international flights. The food is barely edible and the service is shoddy.

After a very long (11 hours!) flight, we landed in Buenos Aires. 
We were met by our taxi driver, and driven to our hotel in Palermo Soho. I had done extensive research on and found that Palermo is a good area to stay in- lots of shops/restaurants, close to the subway, and just a generally nice vibe.
We stayed at The Glu, a boutique hotel with only 12 rooms. LOVED it- the staff were attentive and the rooms were spacious and beautifully decorated, with L’Occitane toiletries!

You can walk everywhere in Buenos Aires. We navigated the city by foot, and used the subway as well. On the first day, we visited the zoo, the japanese gardens and the Museum of Modern Art. I also had the “fish pedicure”- very cool!

Adorable deer like creatures at the zoo. So friendly!

 Japanese gardens

 English is a problem in South America. Even the waiters and hotel staff struggle to speak it. They attempt to do menu translations but it often results in something hilarious- in this case, chicken mayonnaise is fowl mayonnaise 🙂

 The museum…

Fish pedicure, the fish eat all the dead skin off your feet, it feels tingly 🙂

On previous holidays, I would plan every day to the last detail, but this time we just took things as they came.

We browsed the streets, and came across an incredible carnival by chance. I think the Rio carnival will be something similar. It was a street long, with performers of all ages and sizes.

It was then onto Rio. We stayed at Ipanema beach, the beach to be seen at 🙂 Rio is really beautiful, palm trees lining the beach, lots of trendy restaurants to eat at, beautiful views.

Christ the Redeemer was a highlight, absolutely breathtaking.

 We did a tour of the favelas. It was such an eye opening experience. Favelas are basically like SA’s version of townships. The less wealthy people stay there, but they have banks, restaurants, shops, and anything else you could want or need. The people are content and live good lives.

 Kids in the favelas
These guys are everywhere on the beach.
It was then onto Iguazzu falls, a spot at the border of Argentina and Brazil. The waterfalls were spectacular. We spent 2 days at the falls on a hike, viewing the falls from different viewpoints.

 All in all, a fabulous holiday. We spent a tad more than we expected to, but we have memories and experiences to last a lifetime.

xo xo