Best pasta in JHB? Look no further!

I love trying new things in general- places, restaurants, trends and I try to avoid getting stuck in a rut and repeating any of the above too much.

But there is one restaurant that I go to religiously every 2 weeks at least.
The pasta is among the best I’ve EVER had, and it’s probably the least I’ve paid for pasta too.
The restaurant is called Franco’s and it’s in Parkview (

The restaurant’s decor is VERY old school, they probably haven’t changed it in decades, but that’s somewhat comforting. Don’t be put off by it. It’s run by the owner and his sons, as well as his sister- so you can be assured of excellent service all the time.

The pizza is good but not that different to other good pizzerias. But the pasta! Omw- it’s cheesy, tasty and delicious.
I always have the Chicken Cacciatora – which is like chicken ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce. My other favourite is a baked pasta with brinjal and baby marrow, topped with mozzarella. I don’t even like brinjal or baby marrow and wouldn’t eat it in any other dish, but it’s just so divine.
The rest of my family love the Conchilioni, which is large shells of pasta filled with butternut and ricotta. It is a bit too butternutty for me but if you like butternut soup, you’ll love it.

Have you ever seen pasta this cheap?



And the most delicious pannacotta EVER- pure decadence:

You’ll need to make a reservation, so give them a call on 011 646 5449 and try them out!

Fab weekend, all!