Pencil dresses

I’m a “curvy” girl (how I hate that word).
After years of diets, gyming, losing and gaining up to 7kg at a time.. I’ve decided to just try and lead as healthy a lifestyle as I can without depriving myself of the things I love (read cake, biscuits and chocolate).

I went through a phase in university where I didn’t buy any clothes because I didn’t like the way they looked on me, and I wanted to lose weight first.
That changed soon after, and I found clothes that compliment my body and make me feel sexy.
My ultimate “power outfit” is a pencil dress. It hugs in all the right places and really accentuates your curves.
Unfortunately it’s hard to get a good pencil dress in SA- Jo Borkett has the best ones, and Jenni Button occassionally has them. I’ve bought most of my favourites from (see my post on online shopping).
Here are some pics of dresses I’d love to have in my wardrobe!

This is a Victoria Beckham design- love the detail on the hips.

As I wear most of my pencil dresses to work, I like to keep the length on or just above the knee- but I love how this one highlights the waist area- usually the smallest part of most women!

How hot is this dress? Nothing like a white dress on a summer’s day.

OH- a secret (embarrassing) tip I have to share- I wear “tummy and hip hugger” undies with all my pencil dresses. The effect is huge- you lose all the flab and it creates a really sexy silhouette. You can get this from Stuttafords (Playtex) or Woolies.
Try it and see the difference!