Come Dine With Me

I’m sure you all have watched the hugely popular tv show- come dine with me. It’s a british series but an SA version was recently produced.

If you haven’t seen it, the concept is that they pick 4 random strangers, and they each have to host a dinner on a different night of the week. The guests then score the host out of 10, and at the end of the week the winner wins R10k.

We decided to do something similar with our team at work. We just had one dinner, but we split up the courses so that each person was cooking 1 course. We are a team of 6, but we ended up with only 3 people participating. I was tasked to do dessert, and my 2 colleagues were going to make a starter and a main.

I chose to make a chocolate fondant that I found off Masterchef Australia’s website – it came out beautifully. 

We scored eachother and each contributed R100, so the winner got R300. The starter won, but all the food was of a high standard and it was great fun! 

Welcome drink- pomegranates are my favourite!

 Keep your eye on the prize 😉
The winning starter- pan fried scallops served on a bed of roast potatoes, minted pea puree and tomato salsa
The very scientific scoring sheet 😉

The dessert we made- ok it doesn’t look that great here but in person it looked better, I promise 🙂
This was a great idea for something fun and different to do- I’d like to do it with my group of friends soon!