Mauritius- Day 1

One of my favourite blogs to follow is Bailey Schneider (from 94.7).Check her blog out at
Her post about Mauritius actually inspired me to book my own holiday- it was the push I needed. She split her Mauritius holiday into different blog posts, and I think I am going to do the same because I don’t want you all to get bored of reading!

Let’s start with Day 1 🙂

So, Saturday morning we packed up and headed off to the airport early. We had checked in online the day before, so in a few minutes we were waiting to board the plane.
I’m NOT a fan of flying SAA internationally. I think their food is bad and the service is lacking compared to other airlines. Nonetheless, their flight was the cheapest so we went with them. The flight was 4 hours long and was over before I knew it. Mauritius is 2 hours ahead of us, so we arrived in the early afternoon.

We stayed at Sugar Beach (you can get up to 22% discount by booking through Discovery- see was absolutely taken aback by the resort. It is so stunning- like something out of a movie. We booked a honeymoon package ‘cos we still qualified for one, having only gotten married 3 months ago.

We had a fruit platter, personalised bottle of rum and some sushi waiting for us in our room.

                                                         The view from our room

 Beautiful beach
View of the resort

We immediately went off to swim in the ocean, where my hubby lost his wedding ring!! He forgets to wear it most of the time but he was wearing it while swimming and it just came off. We tried looking but didn’t find it. So sad. We didn’t let that get to us though.

We then had a nap and it was soon time for supper. I was blown away by the buffet. It is literally the best buffet I have ever been to. Usually a buffet is just a few dishes of food standing out. This buffet is massive, there is a wok section where stirfries are being prepared fresh in front of you, there is pizza and pasta, salads, a grill, and of course my favourites- bread and desserts!

We got back to our room and found a jar of sweets with a note attached- I LOVE the small touches!

It was then bedtime- we were looking forward to spending a full day enjoying the resort on Sunday. Check back soon for the next post 🙂