Mauritius- Day 2

After a great night’s sleep, we woke up super early and went for a swim in one of the 2 massive pools.

It’s probably close to 25 degrees at 8 in the morning, so it’s such a relief to jump into a cool pool.
After that, we headed to breakfast. Again, an incredible spread of pastries, fruit, and my favourite- a pancake station!

After eating we had a nap and then hired some bikes. I’ve never ridden a bike before (typical sheltered indian childhood) and I was so sure that I’d get the hang of it immediately and we could ride into town. 45 minutes later I still wasn’t able to get my balance and I had bruises all over my legs 🙁
Oh well.
We took the bus into town. It reminded me alot of Goa, India. We had some coconut water and stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Came across this takeaway breyani booth- so strange!

After that, it was time for some more relaxation and at sunset I went off exploring the hotel and taking some pics..

As part of the honeymoon package we booked, we got to have a romantic dinner on the beach. There was a table set up especially for us in a secluded spot and we had a delicious 5 course meal.

The appetizer was a duck liver raviole.

Then it was onto a crab and avo salod- mmm

Next was a lobster cappucino with a prawn dim sum. This was kinda weird, it looked exactly like a cappucino, froth and all but tasted like a seafood soup!

Followed by a delicious seafood platter.

And finally, my favourite- chocolate fondant!

It was so special and I was really impressed with both the taste and the presentation of the food.

Check up tomorrow for Day 3- where we did a tour of the South of Mauritius.

Happy Sunday!