Dieting woes

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve recently started seeing a dietician. I’ve been unhappy with my weight for a long time now but just couldn’t wouldn’t stay away from bread and sugary things.

After I got married, we went to South America and Mauritius in a short space of time (both food havens), and I gained even more weight! I got to a point where all of my clothing was just about fitting me and I decided I needed an intervention.

A dietician is great ‘cos they customize an eating plan to suit your lifestyle and your preferences. If you tell her there’s something you just can’t do without, she’ll make sure it’s included in your eating plan, albeit in small quantities.
It also keeps you accountable cos you need to go for weigh ins and write down every single thing you eat.

I’ve kept my exercise levels the same and in 2 weeks of healthy eating I’ve already lost 1.6kg, so I’m really happy. I want to lose another 10kg. I’m currently a size 14 and am aiming to be a size 10.

Some tips if you want to lose weight:
– bulk up your meals with veggies instead of carbs to fill you
– don’t eat more than 1/2 cup pasta or 1/2 cup rice (cooked) at any given meal
– fruit juice is really high in sugar, avoid if possible
– smoothies are a marketing gimmick, frozen yoghurt is high in fat and high in sugar! 

And mostly, if you’re craving something, don’t deprive yourself of it- have it, but just have a tiny bit.

Good luck!

x H