Home Teeth Whitening

Fellow blogger, The Jade Lotus (Anjana), sent me such cool goodies to review the other day. She’s an aesthetic dentist, so she does cosmetic stuff as opposed to surgical stuff.

I was quite a sickly child and had to take loads of antibiotics. As a result, my teeth have been stained yellow for quite a while.

Always been intrigued by teeth whitening, but the hefty price tag of a session at a dentist (R2000 +) put me off. I didn’t realise you could do this at home.

The kit that I got to test out is called TresWhite. It retails for between R700-R1000.

Obviously the result will depend on your lifestyle habits. Like if you’re a smoker, or drink alot of wine/coffee it may take a bit longer to bleach.

Now you don’t want to look too “Hollywood” fake so Anjana suggests that you compare the colour of your teeth to the whites of your eyes to get a natural look.

The kit is easy peesy to use, there are 10 packs in a kit and you use one a day for 10 days. You leave it in your mouth for 30 minutes – an hour. If you are satisfied with the result after 5 packs, you can stop there and keep the remaining 5 for another time.

So all you do is place the green plasticky thing on your upper and lower teeth like this:

You can remove the green things if you want, leaving a clear plastic sheath on your teeth. The first time I tried it I removed them and I ended up swallowing most of the bleach (it is safe to swallow but it left a horrid aftertaste.) I think part of the problem is that I was yakking away with my husband while having these things in my mouth.

So the second time I put it on just before Masterchef, left the green things in, and I was silent through the whole show (hard for me!!) Much better- no swallowing 🙂

I was really chuffed with the result after 5 uses- check it out… SUCH a difference from the first pic!
If you’re keen to try it out, ask your local dentist or email Anjana here – she can courier it to you.