Junipa’s Cafe- Bryanston

I’d heard about Junipa’s in Bryanston for a while, and I finally got to go there this weekend.
If you’ve been to Vovo Telo in Parkhurst, it has a similar kind of vibe- on site bakery, coffee roastery, fresh sandwiches/ salads and a whole lot of vibe.
I loved the set up- chairs upholstered in coffee sacks, bread and croissants on display, and a wood fired pizza oven.

It’s also a GREAT spot if you have kids- they totally facilitate kids’ entertainment- they have kiddies rolling pins and aprons and the little ones can make their own pizzas- so cute!

The breakfast menu looked amazeballs! Creme Brulee french toast- omw I am SO going back for that!
Yummy diet Blueberry iced tea
Salmon fishcakes
I did think some of the food was a tad overpriced, R90ish for a chicken sandwich- but other stuff is good value for money, like the dish above was R65.
Worth a try 🙂
Have a great week..