Marie Claire/ Giorgio Armani Acqua For Life Party

Last Thursday was World Water Day. In honour of this, Marie Claire and Armani held an uber glam “all white” party at the pool deck of the Radisson Hotel in Sandton.

Armani has a new perfume out called Acqua for Life, and for every bottle that is sold, they donate water to a water deprived community (like Ghana). They’ve partnered up with Green Cross International to do this, and Giorgio Armani has renewed his Acqua for Life Challenge in 2012 to stimulate greater public awareness about water scarcity and safety.

I think its a great campaign- so often we carry on living life in our little bubble and complain about small stuff, but we don’t realise that there are people out there who don’t even have access to WATER, something we regard as so basic and often take for granted.

The party was fab, loads of celebs all dressed in white. I was inspired to throw an all white party at home ‘cos the effect it creates when everyone is dressed in white is fab! I kind of felt like I was at one of P Diddy’s parties 🙂

Promoters spritzing perfume testers- yes, those dresses are THAT short! Jealous of those legs!

This dress stood out for me- love it. From House of Fashion

Marie Claire editor Aspasia Karras with pal, both dressed in vintage. You should recognize Aspasia from Come Dine With Me SA.
Armani brand manager Mr Moosa- dressed head to toe in Armani! Living the brand, I say 😉
Cricketer Faf Du Plessis and his gorgeous (and sweet!) partner- she’s dressed in Sissy Boy
BFF Pratika with Emmanuel Castis- we were both a little star struck!! *swoon*
Yes, that is a see through dress. Apparently inspired by Pocahontas. Errr, right…. moving along then…

The hunks got dunked! The first couple of people who bought perfumes got to push over one of the “hunks” into the pool
double *swoon*!!
Well done to Marie Claire on another fab event, had loads of fun!