New in my wardrobe

I’ve been treating myself a little, ok a lot, lately. I  tend to overspend and then go off shopping for a while… and so the cycle repeats. At the moment I’m feeling like I need to stock up for Winter. Also, as you know, I’m studying to write this monsterous exam called CFA in June so I’ll be AWOL (read away from the malls) on the weekends for a while. Might as well make hay while the sun shines!

These are my 2 of my favourite purchases, and they happen to go so well together!

The first is this gorgeous trench from Forever New. I love how romantic, feminine and classic their clothing is. The coat was R999 which is alot but then also isn’t if you tell yourself it is a coat and will (hopefully) last a long time! It really appeals to me when my clothing has beautiful lining, like a touch of lace, or in this case, a bit of bling near the collar. No one needs to see it but it makes me happy 🙂

The second item isn’t technically in my wardrobe yet- I ordered it online from Dorothy Perkins. It was 35 pounds- around R450 with free delivery. I should have it by next weekend. I love peplum, it is so flattering!

The side things by the waist flare out like in the picture below

Now I need navy or sheer stockings, and a pair of nude heels like so….
…And I’ll be all set!