Completely Pinterested!

Have you guys heard of Pinterest? I registered on the site a while ago, but have only started getting into it recently. It’s so fab!

Basically, it’s like a virtual pinboard of all the things you love.

So, on Twitter, you can customize your timeline to include tweets from people/ companies/ products that you are interested in.
Pinterest is like Twitter on steroids. Instead of just 140 character tweets, your feeds are “pins” (pictures and links) of things you love. Like Twitter, Pinterest will suggest people that you should follow based on what you’ve indicated you’re interested in. You can specify a couple of things- like food, home decor, clothes, hair etc. You can also follow your friends (it links to Facebook).

When you log onto the home page, it will populate with snippets of cool pictures and info that all the people you’re following have “pinned”.

You can then click on the picture and it takes you to the blog/ website where the picture originated.

You can create your own pinboard by repinning pins you would like to share with your followers, and you can also pin anything you find on the net, by adding a “Pin it” button to your Internet Browser (this is super easy!)

Now I’m by no means tech savvy but this was super easy to figure out- I even managed to add a “follow me on pinterest” button on my blog! *air punch*. Apologies if you get to my page and it looks like a mess, that’s just me playing around- I will get better at this!

I’ve already been introduced to some awesome blogs that I would never have known existed if I hadn’t started pinning. Also, I’ve never really been into interiors and home decor, but Pinterest has totes inspired me!

Check out some of my fav home decor pics that I got from the site- how pretty 🙂

So, go on to and check it out! I think they’ve tried to increase interest by not allowing you to just create an account, you have to “request” an invite and then they get back to you when your request has been accepted. I got an email to the above effect a day or 2 after I sent through the request, so don’t worry too much 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great Easter break 🙂