Randlords- the hottest event venue in Jozi

I’d heard about Randlords when I was working in Sandton and it had just opened, about 4 years ago. People said that the views were out of this world and that the setup was amazing. But of course, like most people “from the North”, driving to the CBD for a Friday drinks session was just too inconvenient and we limited our escapades to what we fondly called the “Baron Boardroom” or News Cafe on Fredman Drive in Sandton.In retrospect, I wish I had taken that drive out to the CBD when Randlords was still open to the public, ‘cos oh-em-gee it is just WOW.
Now, tell me you wouldn’t be totally excited if you got an invite like this:

I work in the CBD now, so, prior to starting this blog, I’d done alot more exploring in Braamfontein and Newtown. The CBD of Jozi offers you a completely different experience to the usual hangout spots in the North. Now I do love those spots, but it is great and refreshing to do something different now and again. I have my work cut out for me as I need to go back to all the great CBD spots like Arts on Main and Neighbourgoods Market (to name just 2), so I can blog about them!

Anyway… I’m digressing. Back to Randlords.
Randlords is situated on the 22nd floor of an apartment/office block in Braamfontein, quite close to Joburg Theatre and Wits. It used to be a bar/ restaurant, but now its exclusively a venue that one needs to hire, at a cool R35,000 a day.
I thought I had seen EVERY event venue in Johannesburg and surrounds when I was in the midst of Wedding Planning. If I had seen this one, I may well have considered it instead of the Westcliff for our wedding.
It is stunning.
Firstly, the view. I love Jozi. I wouldn’t want to live ANYWHERE else. The vibe of the city is electric and I feed off it. Being able to see an aerial view of the city I love with all its beautiful landmarks, like the Nelson Mandela Bridge, gives me warm fuzzies- seriously.
I also am obsessed with sunsets and the combination of the view + the sunset was simply spectacular.

Secondly, the venue itself even without the view, is just so slick. There is an upstairs area and loads of trendy areas to mingle and chill. Think couches, glittery swings, coloured lights and the usual cocktail tables and bar stools.

And some pictures from later into the night…
Gorgeous, right? Of course, I had to take an obligatory photo of me-with-view-in-background-and-champagne-in-hand.
If I ever get to live my dream of being an events planner, I would love the launch of my events company (currently nonexistent but to be called Out of the Box Events) here. I just need R35k. And about 400 people to invite to fill up the place. Any volunteers? 😉