Advanced Facial at Tusc

I’m not a big fan of facials. I never book “just” a facial at a spa, it’s always included in a package so I just do it for the sake of it. After, I don’t ever notice a difference in my skin. That said, my skin is pretty problem-free (thank goodness, one of the few things that are!) so it doesn’t need much attention.

However, I think I have just been having the wrong type of facials done. After visiting TUSC (Today’s Ultimate Skincare) in Sandton City, I realised that an expertly done facial can make a huge difference to your skin.

About TUSC:
TUSC is not your usual beauty salon. They offer medical aesthetic services, like botox, permanent makeup, IPL, wrinkle reduction and alot more. They’re not about lighting candles and playing soft music- they’re about results. Basically they can fix most things that are wrong with your body aesthetic-wise. I have really bad stretch marks on my back, and I’ve seen how their treatments make the stretch marks so faint that they’re hardly visible. It does come at a cost though, but if I can get this body bikini ready, I’m definitely going to consider it. I also saw before and after pictures of a dude with a black eye- it went from absolutely black and swollen to just slightly red.

About the products:
In addition, they also stock Dermalogica and QMS products, and offer facials using the above 2 products.

I like the facials because I feel like I am getting value for money. The technology they use isn’t something I can do at home. Some of the products they use in a facial aren’t even available for sale for home use.

About QMS:
I had a QMS facial. QMS is formulated by a doctor who is an international authority on all things ageing. His research led to collagen enchancing technology to create a new system of skincare.

The medicated treatment gets right to the heart of the problem as the ingredients contain a combination of anti-inflammatory agents, collagen, and anti bacterial agents- this controls the redness by hydrating. Anti-inflammatory agents calm and soothe and antibacterial properties to ensure there is no further infection.

Products you can buy:
They’ve got a homecare kit, which TUSC claim is their “first aid” for sensitive skins.

The homecare kit consists of a day treatment – hydration and protection for the day time, a night treatment, that focuses on repairing damaged tissue and a daily exfoliator containing an antibacterial that penetrates into skin killing “bad” bacteria. They claim that you will most definitely see a difference in 2 weeks with this kit!

The in salon facial:

The in salon treatment has 2 specific masks for product penetration, skin conditioning and extreme hydration. Both masks are for professional use only and not retailed in the homecare. During the facial you will experience double of each step, from cleansing, exfoliating and masking. Post treatment effects are immediate and you will definitely feel and see a difference.

Mask number 1. The gadgety thing exfoliates skin.

Mask number 2. This goes over your entire face, even and mouth, for maximum hydration

This is my face! They actually look at the imprint to identify problem areas

I knew I was having a premium facial because my therapist even attempted tackling my whiteheads. Therapists seldom want to remove blackheads, let alone whiteheads. The removal left some tiny red marks which have now disappeared (I had the facial last week Wednesday). My skin was actually glowing after, it looked like I had foundation or bronzer on.
If you’d like to find out more about TUSC and what they offer, they’re situated near CNA at Sandton City. Or go to their website, here.

Now, these pictures may look a bit freaky, but I really wanted you guys to see how advanced it is…