Glossy Box Review

I’m sure by now you guys are all well aware of the “boxes” of beauty samples that you can get delivered to your house for a monthly fee. There’s Rubybox, Glambox and Glossybox.

I’m not a huge fan of the concept, because we all get swamped with so many samples at different events and they don’t really get used. I usually just throw away perfume samples, and keep the rest at the back of my drawer where they seem to die a sad death.

What I AM a big fan of, is good value for money. I got sent a May Glossy Box and was quite pleased to see that it was less sample and more product, which for R130, I think is pretty sweet. I love that the boxes are personalized, so if you’re dark skinned you’re not going to get foundation that is designed for a light skin colour.

What I don’t like, is that you have to purchase the box without knowing what’s in it. Apparently the June one is great, but I just don’t feel comfortable spending money on some random products that I may not want.

You pay on a per month basis as opposed to subscribing which is great if you’re having a tight month and would rather do without your Glossybox for that month.

I was really impressed with the packaging- I could see that whoever packed it paid alot of attention to detail.

This month’s Glossybox consisted of a 4Flavour scarf (that still had the price on- R160, score!), a full size lip liner and full size nail polish. There were also L’Occitane samples and 2 other sample moisturisers.

The scarf isn’t my usual style but I tried it on with a red jersey and I quite liked it! Really feminine and pretty.

So I was really impressed with it, and would recommend you give it a try to see what you think. Click here to find out more.