Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline

I went to see Le Grand Cirque at Joburg Theatre last night.
Don’t eat at News Cafe- the service is pathetic. But do go and see the show, it is really something spectacular!

I’m usually not a big fan of circuses cos I feel bad for the animals. No one wants to see animals being forced to do un-animally things like jump through hoops and stuff. This is so not the usual circus. This is all about showcasing extremely talented and flexible people who do some pretty amazing things. At times I was holding my breath really thinking that a disaster was about to happen!

Here are a couple of pics (these are all professional pics – not my own) of what we got to see:

These dudes were incredibly strong- and those bodies! *swoon*

This stunt was absolutely amazing. It’s called the Globe of Death (how ominous!). 3 guys are in a motorbike and ride inside this wire circle at incredible speeds. I kept thinking they were going to crash but they were perfectly in sync. Wow!

The below stunt was one of my favourites. 2 identical twins that are contortionists. They can twist and turn their bodies in ways I never imagined possible!

Again, absolutely unfathomable. This guy balanced on all of these moving barrels, and he didn’t even stumble!

It was a really entertaining show and I think kids especially would love it! Tickets are available from as little as R190, go here to book.

In other news, I am going to be off the radar for a week or so while I’m on study leave.

I will be back though, so until then, stay warm and be happy! 🙂