Charlotte Rhys Skincare

I had no idea that my favourite local beauty brand, Charlotte Rhys, had a skincare range.
I’ve been using Olay since I was about 12 and I haven’t changed since then. I just can’t justify spending 4x the price of Olay on skincare. I have been finding that my skin is a bit dry with Olay so I am in the market for a skincare product that’s not too expensive but is still a quality brand.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Charlotte Rhys does a range called “Pure and Simple”. I love that, because I just feel that using products that are too “chemically enhanced” can’t possibly be good for skin.

They have gone back to the 4 cornerstones of good skin care: cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize. Naturally, they have products to facilitate each of these steps.

Cleanser R113.50

Day Cream R205.50

Toner R125.50

My skin is really sensitive and it flares up when I try certain new products so I’m always a bit apprehensive. I found CR’s range to be gentle and nourishing. All the products have a fresh smell which isn’t too overpowering. The toner was especially invigorating and I’ve taken to using it daily just to give me that pick-me-up first thing in the morning. I found that while it did cleanse my face, the cleanser wasn’t able to remove all my eye makeup. I usually use eye makeup remover at night so this wasn’t too much of a hassle. I also liked the day cream- it seemed to keep my skin moisturized all day long. One thing that is a bit of a pity is that the moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF so you’ll need to use a sunscreen over it which is a bit of a pain. I can barely remember to brush my hair in the morning so adding an extra step to my beauty routine is a bit of a tall order.
They do have their own brand of sunscreen which is SPF 30 and very reasonably priced. I haven’t sampled this but I’m sure it doesn’t smell as bad as most retail sunscreen brands do!

Sunscreen R91.30

If you too are looking for an affordable skincare range, I would definitely recommend you give this a try.
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