Sushi school at the Hilton in Sandton

This past weekend was my first post-exam weekend and it was jam packed! I am definitely not one to spend my weekends at home “relaxing”. I love being out and about, and it’s even better when I discover new spots or new things to do.

On Friday, I went to the Hilton in Sandton for “sushi school”. Now I’m not a huge fan of sushi but the whole experience was such fun, and I ate and enjoyed everything I made. I think that after this class, I’ve actually become a sushi convert! It’s fresh, light and refreshing.

There were about 10 of us in total. Myself and hubby and a group of 8 other older ladies. They were so hilarious and we had tons of laughs (mostly at my bad attempts at making sushi)

Our kit- rice, water, avo, cucumber and a really sharp knife!
My weapon of choice
Our teacher, Sharon

So, before I get into the details of the class, I should make it clear that I am not the best cook. I try, and I do enjoy cooking and baking but my precision and attention to detail are lacking. My hubby, on the other hand, is a whizz in the kitchen. He’s also really neat and precise so obviously his sushi would come out better than mine! The other ladies in the class, and the waiter and waitress were killing themselves laughing at my attempts.

I loved that we had 2 waiters with us all the time so anytime you needed a drink, or anything really, they were able to assist us right away.

We started off cutting cucumber into tiny strips, ready for maki rolls.

Yes, THAT’s how fast she was cutting

Completed california roll

Fashion sandwich

I’ve graduated from sushi school!
In total, we made 5 different types of sushi and we each got a takeaway container filled with whatever we couldn’t eat during the class. Bonus- no cooking the next day!
Dessert is part of the sushi school experience, so we got treated to loads of goodies with coffee and tea. The dessert menu was so funny- choc mouse cake- lol!

After that I was thoroughly exhausted- a whole 2 hours of “cooking”!
We were lucky enough to spend the night at the Hilton as well. I think when you think of the Hilton you think glamour and luxury, and the Sandton Hilton definitely doesn’t disappoint. It exudes opulence, from the long winding staircase to the black grand piano in reception.
The room was also gorgeous- the only thing I didn’t like was the view of my ex employer across the road 😉

The room has blackout curtains so we had a lovely looong night’s sleep. In the morning, we used the hotel gym and then headed to breakfast.
Hotel breakfasts are always so plentiful- we spoilt ourselves with waffles and croissants- yummy!

After breakfast, we popped across the road to Sandton City and engaged in some retail therapy 🙂
What a fabulous start to the weekend!
If you’d like to book to attend the sushi school, you can call Vicky on 011 322 1472. The cost is R295 per person which excludes your drinks, but does include tons of sushi + coffee and dessert after the class.