Free yoga all week at Cocoon in the City

Last weekend, I paid a visit to the trendy Maboneng precinct in Jozi CBD to visit the market and check out newly opened CocoonРa revolutionary yoga and healing centre.

Theirs is the first infrared yoga studio in the country. You may have heard of bikram yoga, where the studio is heated to around 40 degrees to enable you to work deeper into the positions. Infrared has the same goal, without making you feel uncomfortable and sweaty because of the high room temperature.

The studio is gorgeous, small and intimate with warm wooden finishes.

From Tuesday 10 July to Sunday 15 July, Cocoon is offering 1 free yoga class to all new students.

There are morning, lunchtime and evening classes during the week and a 10:30am class on both Saturday and Sunday. You can call 078 616 3992 for more information and to reserve your spot. It may be a great idea to do the yoga class on Sunday and then visit the market after that- I’ll be blogging about Market on Main in a separate post.

They also offer the usual spa treatments, like massages, mani/pedi’s etc.

They’re situated in the Maboneng precinct, for directions go to and for more info about Cocoon visit