Market on Main at Maboneng

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about Cocoon, a trendy new yoga/ healing centre and spa that has opened in the Maboneng Precinct. One of the major attractions to the precinct is Market on Main which happens every Sunday. If you’ve been to the Old Biscuit Mill in CT, this is along the same lines.

You can expect homemade, (often organic) food, cakes, cocktails and an upper level of clothing.
This isn’t something one can do every weekend (it would probably get old after a while), but if you haven’t been yet, you NEED to get there. It’s something different and it’s great to explore downtown Jozi. What I don’t like is that the food is overpriced, but I think all markets are heading that route 🙁 It’s worth paying a bit extra for a really fun morning out.

Go hungry and get there early, the good stuff gets sold out quickly.

This is a cute little breakfast spot within the Precinct

Ethiopian tea

Mexican food

Alot of the clothing is vintage, so if you’re into wearing stuff that no one has, you’ll be in heaven!

Oh! The yumminess 🙂

Hopefully the pictures depict the awesome vibe that the Market has and I’ve now convinced you to check it out.



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PPS (or is it PSS?) These pictures were all taken with my brand new Nikon D5100 (that I am still trying to figure out!) Hopefully I’ll start posting some “artistic” pictures soon 🙂