Cape Town, Day 1: The One & Only, Bloubergstrand, and Nobu

I confirmed my weekend getaway to CT months ago, and I’ve been thinking about it non stop since then. In a nutshell, it was mindblowing. The entire experience, from the food to the accommodation was spectacular 🙂 So let’s start at the beginning…

After a mad rush, we arrived at the airport with 40 mins to spare on Thursday morning. only to discover that our Kulula flight was delayed. Surprise, surprise. On arrival in CT, we went to collect our hired car from First Car Rental. I loved their Table Mountain wallpaper, such a great welcome to the Mother City.

We then took a drive through the V&A Waterfront to our hotel- the One & Only. This needs no introduction, as its reputation precedes it. I thought quite a bit about what makes a hotel the epitome of luxury. It can’t just be about the furnishings and layout. No, it’s something more. In our case, we experienced the “more”, down to the finest detail. As you pull up to the reception, your car door magically opens while the valet guys take your keys from you, park your car and assure you that your bags will be taken care of.
We immediately felt relaxed, and once we entered the hotel we were greeted and seated, ready to check in. Before starting the formalities, we were given the most delicious hot chocolate to sip on while our forms were printed. Our front desk manager was warm and welcoming, and personally took us on a tour of the resort. He also escorted us to our room. Usually the room orientation is done by a porter, so this was a nice surprise.

The room is HUGE. The bathroom alone is the size of a standard room elsewhere. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Are those full size toiletries I spot?! And Charlotte Rhys no less 🙂

One of the 2 patios in our room- what a view!

The view from patio number 2

After much ogling was done over the room, we headed out to meet la CT familia- brother, sister in law and nieces for lunch. We ate at Wang Thai in Milnerton, and then drove out to Bloubergstrand for dessert. We were lucky to have some sunshine and took full advantage 🙂 We went to a small shopping centre with an outdoor “strip” of restaurants, much like Morningside Centre in Jozi, er, plus a beach and gorgeous mountain view. People were having picnics, walking their dogs, or just chilling. I was totally jealous. Apart from Emmarentia and Zoo Lake, in Jozi we don’t really have a spot to hang out at without spending money.

Loved the vibe

We arrived back at the hotel and explored a bit. We discovered the fitness centre, which is without a doubt the best gym I’ve ever seen in a hotel. It was complete with complimentary still water, fruit and biscotti, as well as fresh towels. There’s also an assistant on standby at all times to help you out.
We actually ended up gyming everyday. It just made us feel better about the copious amounts of food we were eating!

Before we knew it, it was time to eat (again). We had a reservation at Nobu, and it was everything I expected and more. Nobu is a worldwide franchise of restaurants, and is globally renowned for its excellent Japanese food. The restaurant is modern and oozes sophistication.

Rishav photobombing my pic 🙂

Chefs hard at work

Nobu is currently running a Winter special. They have designed a “Bento Box”, which is basically bite size portions of some of their signature dishes. They offer a regular box for R275 and a deluxe box for R375. This includes dessert. We ordered one of each- my mouth is salivating at the memory of it. Just look!
This is Nobu’s version of “bread for the table” and comes at no charge. The fried jalepeno strips were yummy!
The top 2 rows are the deluxe Bento box, while the lower 2 are the regular Bento box. Both divine.

Starting from the top, from left to right we have: spicy garlic vegetables, wingrib with peruvian antocucho sauce (I have no idea what this is either, don’t worry), rock shrimp tempura (delicious), seared salmon with jalapeno sauce and assorted sushi.
Then, the regular bento box offers whitefish with jalepeno sauce, chicken roll with teriyaki sauce, eggplant with sweet den miso sauce, tuna salad with matsuhisa onion based dressing, yellowtail jalapeno (clearly the chef is a fan of jalepenos- no complaints ‘cos so am I!) and assorted sushi.

Now’s probably a good time to tell you that I have a very fussy husband. For him to say that something is “nice” is big. He hardly ever says anything is “delicious”, and he claims that Nobu was the best meal he’s ever had. I like sushi but I prefer white (cooked) fish, so I did stray away from some of the above- but everything I ate was absolutely mouthwatering. There was so much thought put into each dish. The flavours all blended together well, the food was cooked to perfection, and the service was on point- all contributing to a heavenly dinner experience. God, even the salad was delicious- we ate every last leaf!

Assorted sushi

Spicy garlic vegetables
Dessert: Suntory whiskey cappucino: layers and layers of cream, biscuit and chocolate topped with a creamy froth.
Dessert: Chocolate Bento Box with green tea ice cream on a sesame disc
After all of this, we were very ready for bed. Here’s another example of what I mean when I say that OO pays great attention to detail. The beds have a little nook that slides out, where they place water + a Lindor ball in the evening. They also wrote us a note wishing us a good stay 🙂

All in all a blissful first day. And if you think it costs a fortune to stay here, think again. They have special offers on all the time, for details go here.
Make sure you visit Jozilicious tomorrow, when I’ll be writing about Day 2, featuring lunch at the Test Kitchen, a mani and pedi at OO spa and dinner at Reubens 🙂