Hydrotherapy Journey at Amani African Spa

I had the best experience at Amani African Spa at the Radisson hotel in Sandton this weekend. I think most of us are massage junkies- when we feel a bit stressed we all book massages to relieve our tension. The Hydrotherapy Journey is a great alternative to this and is something I hadn’t even heard of before this weekend.

It is the ultimate in sensory stimulation, enhanced by heat, ice and steam.

Before I even go into the details of the treatment- you need to see the views from the spa, which is situated on the 10th floor of the Radisson.

The pool deck

How beautiful? The view alone already left me feeling calm, and after my treatments I was about ready to go home and pass out.

The hydrotherapy journey is 7 step process and is a blend of hot and cold treatments, designed to invigorate the senses and increase circulation. We started with an exfoliating scrub, which was then washed off with a vichy shower- which is basically strong streams of water from all directions. It was so strange having a shower horizontally, but I loved it!

Then, we moved onto the “caldarium”, which is a steam cocoon designed to detoxify the body. After 15 minutes in there, I went to the “kneipp”. This was an alternating hot and cold foot therapy for improved circulation. Although my feet really wanted to stay in the hot bath, I immediately felt refreshed after dipping them in the cold bath. I was told that some people even request ice for the cold water!

Next it was onto the sauna, which I’m sure all of you have experienced. This assists to rid body toxins. When I felt too hot in the sauna, I went to another room for “aroma mist”. I stood in the middle of the room while cool scented mist sprayed down on me.

Lastly, I had a sensation shower with various pressure settings. The journey ended off with a full body moisturising session, leaving the skin radiant and soft to touch.

I loved that I had this whole area to myself the entire time. At most other spas the sauna is communal. This was very luxurious. I ended off with a back, neck and shoulder massage and I left feeling so pampered.

The spa itself offers everything from massages to pedicures. The most notable of the treatments would be the salt therapy sessions. This is a unique room covered in salt from wall to floor, offering a way to treat many illnesses, including asthma, allergies and eczema.

If you would like to book a session at the spa, their details are as follows:

011 245 8088

10th Floor, Radisson Blu Hotel, Cnr Rivonia and Daisy Roads, Sandton