My new favourite restaurant: Foundry Parktown North

I love eating out, and I have many favourite restaurants (you’ll know this from my Restaurant Directory), but they’ve all kind of been on par with eachother until now.

Enter- Foundry Cafe. I saw a lot of buzz about this spot on Twitter over the past month, who describe themselves as a “kitchen, roastworks and craft bar”. I didn’t check it out earlier because that description made it sound like a bar and tapas kind of place, but after seeing their amazing menu on Jozi’s Foodie Fix I realised that I was very mistaken!

I immediately made a reservation for this past Saturday and loooooved it.

The restaurant is much bigger than I thought it would be, since most eating spots in the Parkhurst/ Parktown North area are teeny. I think alot of the time we sacrifice ambiance for food- or vice versa. This restaurant has both, in abundance! I would describe the menu as mostly italian, but not the normal huge range of pizza and pasta that you’ll find at your average italian spot. The menu changes every month with dishes to suit everyone’s taste- including quite a few meat dishes.

The drawcard of Foundry is probably the craft beer selection. I don’t drink beer myself, but the men at the table were super excited about this offering. The restaurant also has a bar area, but it’s separated from the eating area so you don’t even see it.

Cheese plate for 2 (R120), this was huge and all 4 of us shared it

Handmade ravioli with field mushrooms, parmesan, pinenuts, truffle oil and rocket. DIVINE.

Prawn risotto

Salmon and blue cheese pizza (husband raved about it)
The yummiest, most decadent chocolate fondant…

Vanilla creme brulee

The only thing that would prevent me from recommending Foundry Cafe to everyone I know, for every occasion, would be the noise levels. With a packed restaurant, it gets very noisy and you almost need to shout to hear eachother- and we were a table of 4. However, due to rain the outside doors were closed and I’m sure that if they were left open some of the noise would be dissolved.

This is the bar area- that dude wanted to be famous 😉

A packed restaurant!
So I totally want to add Foundry Cafe onto my “Restaurant Directory” but I’m not sure what category to put it in. I’m thinking something along the lines of: “Amazing restaurants that don’t fit into the above categories.”
If you do go and try it, let me know your thoughts? You can also follow them on Twitter: @FoundryCafe
Kitchen Roastworks Craft Beer
Parktown Quarter, 3rd Avenue, Parktown North
+27(0)11 447 5828