Our Wedding Anniversary at the Westcliff

As some of you will know, I got married at the Westcliff a year ago. The post about my wedding was my 3rd blog post ever. Omw- I’m so embarrased about my early blog posts, they are pathetic! Look: http://www.joziliciousblog.co.za/2011/11/wedding-update.html 

The past year has been such a good one for me, personally and professionally. This blog in itself has allowed me to meet the most amazing people, and has opened up so many opportunities for me. Marriage has taught me patience, care and compromise. I really got lucky with my husband and I realise it even more when I hear what other people have to deal with. I sometimes take it for granted but I am so grateful to be married to someone who is calm, level headed, funny, freakishly intelligent and a great cook!

Anyway, we’ve been married for exactly a year now and to celebrate our anniversary we stayed at the Westcliff this weekend. The stay was actually included in the wedding package we booked- cool, right?

I may be biased, but I haven’t been to any wedding venue that is as beautiful as the Westcliff. I think the only ones that could compete are CT equivalents that have a view of the ocean. I must have checked out at least 20 JHB venues. I don’t like the whole rustic, thatch vibe that most of the venues in Magaliesburg/ Muldersdrift offer, and I hate the conference set up that alot of the city centre hotels use for weddings. In addition, other seemingly perfect venues (like the Saxon and Summer Place) were just stupidly expensive. The Westcliff just made sense for us- it was surprisingly good value and the day turned out absolutely perfectly.

Here are some pictures from 09 October 2011. We had a garden ceremony and an indoor reception.

our beautiful invitations

before the guests arrived

petals on the edge of each chair to throw on us
garden ceremony

guests congratulating us

my beautiful bouquet

our first dance- alicia keys, unthinkable
entering the reception for the first time

table setting

This past weekend brought back all of those wonderful memories. As stressful as it was, I loved every minute of the wedding planning.

When we arrived at the Westcliff on Saturday afternoon, we  were told that we’d been upgraded to a Junior Suite. Everytime I get on a plane or check into a hotel, I secretly hope to hear those words- so it was a great surprise! Upon arrival in the room, we found champers, chocs and Africology gifts.

The rooms are decorated in a very British Colonial style.. not sure if I’m a fan of the floral old fashioned decor.. but I loved the size of the room and the gigantic bathroom..

champagne on our private balcony
birds at sunset
the ceremony location

we arrived back after dinner to find our room beautifully turned down

After a great night’s sleep, we woke up and gave the concierge a call to ask for a Sunday newspaper, some biscuits for our tea and toothpaste. They sounded completely frazzled and did not know how to assist us. (should they send scones and bill it to our room, which newspaper..etc). Eventually we got the dental kit, the newspaper was left outside our room (and we only discovered it when we were already en route to breakfast) and the biscuits never arrived.

That’s the reason I always prefer boutique hotels- the service is quick and personalised, and they usually are able to assist with most things.

Anyway, that was a minor gripe and my irritations were soon eased once we arrived at breakfast and were treated to this view:

Did you know we had this many trees in Jozi?

Breakfast was absolutely delicious. The french toast was the best I’ve had. Ever. And you’ll struggle to find a view like this anywhere else in Jozi (the dodgy Northcliff hill doesn’t count).

Would I recommend the Westcliff? To get married at – definitely. For high tea/ breakfast- 100%. As a hotel choice for travellers, I’m not so sure. I’d rather pick somewhere more South African with a bit of a modern feel.