Emirates is on sale…

So sorry Jozilicious has been this quiet lately.. Things have been quite manic. I’ve just returned from a trip to Mauritius that I’ll be blogging about shortly.

I don’t really like to publish press releases on this blog, but I received one that is too good not to share 🙂

Emirates has been on a worldwide sale from last week Friday until Sunday 2 December. The sale will be valid for travel between 21st January and 10th June 2013.

This means that passengers can fly from SA to Dubai and the Middle East from ZAR 5524, to Europe from ZAR 5524 and to India and South Asia from ZAR 4685. Fares to South East Asia begin at ZAR 6435 while North America and Canada can now be reached from ZAR 8848.

I doubt you’ll be able to find prices like these on any other airlines. The only downer is that you’ll have to stop over in Dubai. I always avoid stopovers as far as possible because to me it isn’t really worth adding an extra 8ish hours to my travel time to save a few thousand rands (as was the case when I was booking my trip to the USA). However, if I was travelling somewhere close to Dubai, like India (where only 3-4 hours would be added to my travel time), I would definitely travel on Emirates and save the moolah.

I’ve flown Emirates once before and they’re one of my favourite airlines- the meals and service are both fantastic. The Dubai airport is like a shopping centre in itself, with all the shops open 24 hours.. so there really are worse places to spend a few hours’ layover time.

So go on, book that holiday!!

Visit www.emirates.com for more details.