Gourmet meets Rustic at Eatery Jhb

Being a self professed foodie, I was taken aback at the fact that Eatery Jhb has been open for 1.5 years when I only heard about it last week!

I went to check out their website and was immediately intrigued by the fact that the restaurant is a reclaimed car workshop situated in Parkmore, Sandton. I’m so over the “bistro” type vibe that has taken over Sandton in the form of (multiple) Tasha’s, Doppio Zero, JB’s Corner etc and I think a concept like Eatery is just what we need.

After looking at the small but innovative menu, I was even more interested and decided I had to go check it out.

Situated off 11th Avenue in Parkmore, I was surprised that I hadn’t noticed Eatery before. The venue looked lovely from the outside, small and intimate, with a rustic ambiance. Usually I shy away from anything remotely “rustic” but I think I have been converted! Eatery has kept its structure simple and “rough” while adding a touch of glam in the form of their finishes- like that gorgeous chandelier you can see in this pic. Also when I think “rustic”, I immediately think grungy and old. Eatery is more modern and quirky which I love.

There’s a windy steel staircase leading you to an upstairs lounge and bar area, with a private dining room.

There are couches to the right of the bar. The area was very busy with patrons and I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable by going all “paparazzi” on them

Private dining area

I’d be terrified to have a few drinks at the bar and then try to make my way down these! 😉 The waiters seemed to go up and down effortlessly though.

The menu has only 3 options for starter, main and dessert respectively and there is always a veg, fish and meat option ensuring that there is something for everyone.

After we snacked on some bread (my favourite), our starters arrived.

Coppa (a type of parma ham), courgette, wild rocket and feta salad with watermelon vinaigrette. We both had the same starter, mine without the ham. It was such a light, fresh summer starter and the flavours and textures blended together perfectly. A winner.

Finishing off some rose while deliberating over what to order for mains..

Main: Grilled porcini mushrooms with butter, wild risotto and baby gem lettuce.

 My main (pictured above) was unlike anything I’ve tasted before. The porcini mushrooms had a soft, fleshy flavour and were delicious paired with the parmesan. I wasn’t such a fan of the (whole!) lettuce on my plate but appreciate that it added a visual appeal to my dish and completed it.

Slow cooked brisket (a cut of beef), parsnip puree, baby vegetables and red wine shallot sauce


 Rishav loved his main. He was a bit sceptical at ordering “brisket” because it isn’t one of the more popular cuts, but he marvelled at how tender the meat was.

The restaurant was filled to capacity but all our dishes arrived promptly. Dessert is always my favourite part of any meal and Eatery’s offering was particularly special 🙂

Dessert: Chocolate tasting board with port, NLH and coffee. Loved this. The chocolate “pellets” were amazing, and I’m a fussy chocolate person! I was very worried they’d be made from cooking chocolate but they were actually very Lindt-like. Yum!!
Dessert: Goats cheese with balsamic and strawberry terrine. Rishav always orders the most arb desserts and expects something different to what is described on the menu. I tried to discourage him from ordering this because I knew it would be a savoury dessert- a new take on the “cheese platter” (I still don’t get how people can order that as a dessert). I think he was expecting a goats cheese cheesecake or something so he was a bit disappointed- Completely his fault.

So I totally loved Eatery. I’m adding it to my Restaurant Directory right now. We all know a good restaurant is part food, part location and part ambiance and I’d score Eatery top marks in all 3 categories. Keen to go back when the menu changes next month!

Victoria Avenue corner 11th Street, Parkmore
011 783 1570