Readers’ Recommendation: Kream in Brooklyn

One of the best things about starting Jozilicious is that I am now part of a foodie community of sorts. I love sharing my restaurant finds with you, and I’m always keen to try new places. One such place that has come highly recommended by so many of you, is Kream in Brooklyn. I’ve been meaning to go forever but guys, PTA is far. It took us 40 mins to get there but when we arrived we were really glad that we made the effort to go 🙂

Kream is beautiful! It’s massive, but light, modern and trendy at the same time. The high ceilings created a unique ambiance, as did the sculptures and artwork surrounding us. I honestly don’t think anything like Kream exists in Jozi itself. We arrived at 19:00 when the restaurant was rapidly filling up, and by 20:00 it was packed.

Kream has 2 levels, you can see them below. I love that they have 2 private dining areas, for which zero venue hire applies!

This is one of the private rooms- gorgeous

After soaking up the vibe of the restaurant, we were very excited to try the food. You probably know by now that I am a sucker for carbs. No matter what diet I am on, I can never say no to warm crusty bread placed on the table… especially when it looks like this…



Starter: salmon salad

Starter: Tiger prawns wrapped in phyllo pastry with avo and haloumi, sooo good

I loved the presentation of the food- note how the lemon is presented in the top right of both the above pics 🙂 We had brilliant service the entire night. All 3 managers were friendly and engaged, and there was at least 1 server per 2/3 tables so there was always someone accessible for us to chat to.
We were served sorbet after the starter, a nice unexpected touch. Usually sorbet is only served if the menu is a set menu.
Now, onto the mains. I have to say that we weren’t overly amazed by our dishes- maybe we didn’t make great choices. I’m not sure what was wrong, they just tasted… normal.They weren’t bad at all- they were good, not great. I guess our starters and the restaurant itself set a high precedent that the mains didn’t quite live up to. To be fair to Kream, I do think that as we eat at more and more amazing restaurants, we are becoming increasingly fussy! Nevertheless, the presentation was brilliant and we still thoroughly enjoyed our food.

Main: Lamb chops

Cape Malay Chicken and Prawn Curry
By now, I was completely stuffed but could not resist dessert, especially after I was told that a “triple brownie” was one of the specials for the night.
Dessert: Walnut bread and butter pudding with peanut butter ice cream

Dessert: Triple chocolate brownie; Ferrero Rocher, Rocky Road and White Choc
We had a great experience at Kream, and I would definitely recommend it as a “special occasion” kind of place. I’m totes going to host a fab dinner party in one of those private rooms one day!
012 346 4642
570 Fehrson Street, Brooklyn
PS: Please do share your other restaurant recommendations with me, I’d love to hear them!