Entrepo Media and Blogger Cookout

Last night, I was invited to a media and bloggers cookout at Entrepo in Sandton City. It was an intimate dinner and we had so much fun 🙂

I always walk past Entrepo (opposite CNA, next to Typo) and admiringly stare inside, but I never go in because the stuff just looks expensive. I was surprised to see that everything is really affordable. And really cool. The owner told us that you don’t need anything in the store, but everything will make you really happy 🙂 I don’t think he could have described it better- they’ve got a funky gadget for everything and anything you’d want to do in the kitchen. Garlic crushers, macaroon makers, wine aerators… I could go on forever. You have to go to the store and just look around. Everything we used to prep the dinner (and to serve it) is from Entrepo.

We sat down to some snacks and drinks and got chatting, while our chef for the evening (Preeti from the Culinary Project) started prepping our dinner. 

Chef Preeti hard at work

Those look like normal chips, but they’re actually fat free- made with a chip maker from the store. Cool, hey?

Apparently these black slates are what all the top restaurants are now serving in. I can testify to that, because at the Test Kitchen in CT, all our dishes were served on similar looking plates

I got to meet some of my favourite Jozi bloggers, including Emma from Emma Jane Nation, Angie from Lucky Pony, Crystal from Joburg’s Darling and Carolanne from Carolanne’s kitchen. I also met some journalists from House and Leisure as well as Elle Decor.

Angie and Emma

We were all split into teams and assigned either the starter, main or dessert to prepare. Our group was tasked with the main- a chicken tagine.

Preparing the chickpeas to accompany the tagine

OUT of my comfort zone
The food all came out REALLY well (with chef Preeti’s guidance, of course). While preparing the meals, it was really cool to use products that were in stock at Entrepo so we could see how they are used “in action”. The knives in particular were amazing!
Starter: salmon teriyaki with ginger and sesame steamed asparagus

Main: moroccan lemon chicken tagine with marinated chickpeas and almond cous cous
Dessert: white chocolate and fresh fig tart. dark chocolate and cherry mousse parfait. No, my photography isn’t off- the parfait was presented in one of those “squished” espresso cups that are all the rage right now. We each got one in our goodie bags 🙂
We only finished off close to 11pm, by which time I was so full I could barely move. Thanks to Entrepo for a fab evening 🙂