Guilt Free Pizza with Col’Cacchio

If you read my post about my weight loss struggle, you’ll know that I’m on a constant diet. I try to eat well wherever I can, but because I love being out and about, this becomes difficult. I feel like restaurants don’t really “get” healthy eating and even their salads are often smothered in fatty dressings. I’m often left frustrated when I order, for example, a chicken breast with veggies and when it arrives I can see the butter dripping off the veggies. A while ago, I concluded that I need to restrict eating out and cook at home so that I know exactly what I’m eating. This is a challenge in itself because I’m starting to get bored of the 2 or 3 “diet” dishes I cook.

When I saw that Col’Cacchio (one of my favourite pizza joints), has initiated a new low calorie pizza range called Pizza Foro (italian for hole), I was over the moon. This is a pizza with a hole in the middle filled with crispy, freh salad. All meals in the range provide less than 2 200kJ (515 calories), with controlled portion size and a lower fat and saturated fat content. The pizzas are slightly smaller than the regular pizza size (28 cm not 31 cm) and are made with less mozzarella.
Finally, I can satisfy that Friday night pizza craving without the obligatory gym session on Saturday morning 🙂

I missed the press launch of Pizza Foro (my day job really gets in the way sometimes), so I went to their Montecasino branch last night to try it out.

Keeping with the healthy theme, this was our starter. Vegetariana antipasta: artichokes, roasted red pepper, olives, sliced fior di latte mozzarella, fresh tomato, marinated baby marrow served with mini herb bread

Now, how good does this pizza look? I certainly can’t eat a whole full size pizza anyway and I usually take 3 slices home to eat the next day. This was just the right size for me and it was absolutely delicious.

Strega fero (417 calories): black mushroom, garlic, herb and rosemary
I’m a sucker for Lindt anything and a Lindt trio is just beyond the realms of my willpower 🙂
Dessert: Lindt brownie, Lindt pannacotta and Lindt parfait

The Pizza Foro’s come in a few different varieties, so there’ll be something to everyone’s taste. You can even order wheat/gluten free bases. Also, there are Col’Cacchio branches everywhere so you should have easy access to this deliciousness. Definitely adding this one to my “healthy but yummy” takeway list.