Thava launches its 2nd restaurant in Midrand

Last night, I was invited to the media launch of Thava restaurant in Midrand. I’ve been to the Norwood branch before (I had bought a Groupon for it) and I liked the food, but didn’t feel compelled to return. The food was good, not spectacular. Generally, I think our selection of indian restaurants in Jhb is pretty pathetic and the only one I go to regularly is Ghazal.

However, I was intrigued by the fact that so many of my readers have indicated that Thava is their favourite restaurant in Jhb. Clearly they must be doing something right and maybe the food we got with our Groupon wasn’t a good reflection of their menu.

To be honest, when I walked into the Midrand restaurant I felt like something was lacking in terms of the decor. I’m not sure what it was, but the restaurant just felt empty and bare with little ambiance and mood.  Granted, they have just opened, so maybe they’re planning on adding to that.

I tried to keep my expectations relatively moderate, but I have to say that I LOVED the food. We tasted quite a few dishes, and everything was spiced perfectly and packed with flavour. My dinner mates for the evening were Joburg’s Darling (seems I’m running into this girl everywhere- I just saw her on Tuesday at the Entrepo dinner and we’re reviewing the same hair salon on Saturday, lol!) and Hello Joburg magazine. All of us (and our partners) were critical of the decor at first, but were won over by the  delicious food.

Chinese chicken.. so good

Tandoori chicken. This was so tender and juicy
Starter platter. I have no idea what those balls are but I LOVED them. The onion bhajya and sesame prawns were also delish.

Masala dosa- the pancake could have been thinner and crispier, but still good.
Chicken Madras. It was great to try something different to the same old creamy curries you get everywhere else

Dessert: Vermacelli. A traditional favourite 🙂

Thava’s differentiating factor is the concept of Indian Tapas. I like the fact that you can order a few dishes and taste everything, rather than being limited to one dish. They also have a selection of curries, biryanis and spicy Tandoori dishes on the menu. Unlike other Indian restaurants, you don’t get to choose between mild, medium or hot. Thava chooses how the food is spiced- you’re given yoghurt to soften the blow if it’s too hot for you. I actually prefer it this way, because at other restaurants all they do is add chilli to make it hotter, which doesn’t do much for the actual flavour of the dish.

Thava Midrand has a pretty cool offering if you’re a group of 20+ people. They have a mobile Tandoor oven that they’ll bring to your table. A private chef will prepare a special menu, butler- style, directly at the table.

Next time that curry craving hits, I just might drive up the N1 instead of heading to Bryanston 😉

To book, call Thava Midrand on 011 318 1367 or visit