Beefcakes JHB has beef, cakes and a whole lot more…

Remember the Mauritius media trip from hell that I went to a while ago? The one where we spent most of the trip in a tour bus? One good thing that came out of that trip was that I got to meet 2 awesome ladies- Leila- Food editor at Food and Home mag, and Sam- Assistant editor at Get It JHB North. I am so excited to finally have some journo buddies.. I won’t have to arb around by myself at media events anymore! We decided to meet for a catch up last night and booked a table at Beefcakes in Illovo. I loved it 🙂 We met straight after work so arrived at around 5:30pm when the restaurant was still empty. By 8pm when we left, it was packed!
Beefcakes is a 1950s style burger joint and is like a non discriminatory gay bar. Yes, I have been kicked out of gay bars for not being gay before (my student life at Wits was pretty wild;)
Quite honestly, I think straight men would be mortified by the place, but it is a GREAT hangout if you’re planning a girls’ night out or if you don’t mind hunky gay (sometimes topless) waiters around. The decor is all pink and white, and each table has glittery cowboy hats for you to wear for the evening.

Well, hello there…

The waiter explaining the sexual orientation of the staff to us 🙂

We are all going through a healthy phase so opted to have salads. The burger menu looks amaze, there are about 15 different varieties of burgers. Love that you can choose what type of meat you want in your burger (chicken, ostrich, lamb or beef) because I don’t eat red meat and chicken options are often limited at burger joints. I’m so over drinking water and Coke lite and their milkshake menu looked sooo good. Because the milkshakes were priced at R25 I figured they’d be small. So much for that…

Yummy chicken salad

After we finished our meal, we were presented with a tablet like capsule and a shot glass of water. We put the tablet in the water and it turned into what we thought was a tampon! Turns out it was a washcloth to clean our hands 🙂

There was a drag queen show happening at 20:30 but we had already left by then 🙁 I definitely want to go back and make a night out of it…

Beefcakes is situated next to Thrupps at Illovo Muse on Oxford Road.
Go to or give them a call on 011 447 5266. They’re often fully booked up to a week in advance so you need to reserve a table!