Constance Ephelia, Mahe, Seychelles- Part 1

After 4 nights in Praslin (read my posts about that here and here), we flew to Mahé to spend our final 3 nights at Constance Ephélia. Mahé is incredibly hilly and I was feeling quite queasy after the 30 minute drive from the airport to the resort.

I immediately cheered up once we entered the resort. Its grandeur setting was quite different to Lémuria, which is a smaller, more intimate resort. Something that struck me about both resorts was that even when occupancy is very high, the resorts don’t feel crowded at all. The reason for this is that there is so much to do on the resorts themselves. Add in the excursions on offer, and you can understand why guests do not need to flock to one pool and claim sunbeds early in the morning, as is the case at many other beach resorts.

We met with Chantal, Ephélia’s darling marketing rep, who told us that we’d been upgraded from a Junior Suite (Constance’s entry level room) to a Hilltop Villa. I did a happy dance- right there! After a tour of the resort (all 2.5km of it!) we were taken to our Villa. I was blown away… imagine driving to the very top of a narrow, windy road to get to a small chalet hidden in the mountains and framed by trees. You enter and there’s a lounge, patio, huge bedroom with an even bigger bathroom, TWO Apple tvs AND private pool. I literally could not believe my eyes.

Second happy dance of the day was in order 🙂

View from the pool
Our patio
This is how to do sundowners by the pool!

Masssage beds on our own private deck

Walk out of the bedroom and straight into the pool!

View of the villa from the massage deck- taken with my Ipad because as you can see, the camera is otherwise occupied! There was literally no one else around- we had complete privacy.

Because the resort is so big, you need to go almost everywhere in a golf cart. When we were at Lémuria, Rishav was completely obsessed with the golf carts and kept saying he wanted to drive one. The staff there told us that no guests are allowed to drive the carts because they had an accident in the past, and the Lémuria terrain makes for tricky driving.
You can only imagine how thrilled he was when we were told that we’d have our very own golf cart at Ephélia. Honestly, he was more excited about that than the villa!

Rishav with his pride and joy 🙂

Our stay at Ephélia was alot busier than our time at Lémuria. We were quite excited to see that a full itinerary had been put together for us, complete with everything from spa treatments to rock climbing.

As much as I love lying on the beach and doing nothing, you do get tired of it after a while, so I was more than happy to take advantage of all the activities Ephélia had to offer, many of them complimentary. There’s really something for everyone.

We started off with “coconut school”. Palm trees are really what makes an island special, and obviously with an abundance of palm trees comes an abundance of coconuts!
We learnt how to crack one open in such a way that the coconut milk is preserved. This is harder than it looks! You’ll see from these pics that after 4 days of basking in the sun, we both got quite a tan 🙂


If you like being active, Ephélia is the place for you. You can hike, take a bike ride, or play squash and tennis (there are courts on the resort). We decided to try out ziplining. I’ve ziplined in Magaliesburg before and it is scary (especially if you’re afraid of heights, like me), but once you get into it it’s such fun! You don’t need to leave the resort to do the activity, the ziplines are all set up in the forest on site.

Ready to go ziplining

We then moved on to rockclimbing. The rock is an actual, natural rock that already existed at the resort- quite unusual as most “rocks” used in rock climbing are man made. I found this activity really tricky and only managed to go halfway up the rock. I gave up when I could actually feel my French mani chipping. Haha, such a girl!

Rishav at the top of the rock

Me at my peak

The final activity we took part in was giant tortoise feeding. I love animals and it was really cool to feed them stalks and leaves and watch them crunch away. They’re so gentle, yet strong at the same time.

We also got spoilt at the spa (twice in 3 days!) and stuffed ourselves at the many restaurants at the resort. More on all that (and beach photography) in my next post.

Check out Ephélia’s website here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

x x x