Constance Ephélia, Mahé, Seychelles- Part 2

It seems as though most people are back from leave today. Everyone is asking me about my break, and it already seems so far away. I am SO glad I went to Seychelles though, because you really don’t want to be stuck in JHB over the entire December- it just isn’t itself. I was feeling quite *bleh* yesterday.. I’m broke so can’t shop (it happens when you spend ALL your money, plus a little more, on travel), and I’m trying to watch my weight so want to limit eating out. I’ve watched the entire first season of Homeland and have read 5 books during the holidays.. so I think it’s safe to say that I am officially bored of JHB in its December mode. I’m looking forward to things returning back to normality. Watch this space in a month’s time when I complain about being swamped with work and trying to rush out of the office at 5pm to make it to some product launch on the other side of town 😉

I’ve noticed a pick up in my blog stats as from last week Monday, and even more of a pick up today (although that may be because my first full page feature was published in the Sunday Independent yesterday-YAY!!), so I assume most of you are back within wifi signal too 🙂 If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have missed this piece of exciting news. As of yesterday, I’m going to have a regular monthly column in the Life Supplement of the Sunday Independent, featuring pretty much all the Joburg content I feature right here. I’m SO thrilled about it… and absolutely grateful that I am getting to embrace my passion for journalism in this way.

Anyway.. I’m digressing. Today’s post will be the last on Seychelles. I’m actually sad to leave it behind- by blogging about it, I actually felt like I was holding onto the trip in a way. It definitely ranks number 1 out of all my island holidays, and ties with NYC as my top holiday of all time.

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We were lucky enough to be pampered not once, but twice at Ephélia’s spa. It is probably the biggest spa I’ve seen, EVER. It covers 5000 square metres and they have 2 branches to the spa- the Shiseido spa (a bespoke Japanese brand which has been around for 140 years) with 3 dedicated treatments rooms all equipped with a specially designed scrub area and Japanese bath nestled in a private garden and Le Spa de Constance. I’m always sceptical about resort spas in terms of quality vs. price (I had a REALLY bad R500 pedicure in Zanzibar, where the no name nail polish chipped in hours) but I am pleased to report that both our treatments were fantastic. Our therapists were skilled and kept checking if we were comfortable- they even went as far as to ask if the music and the temperature of the room were okay! I think you’ll agree that’s going the extra mile.

In addition to the treatments, there is an AMAZING relaxation area that is free for guests to use at designated times, and complimentary for spa-goers at all times.

There was also a super cool jacuzzi. It was the size of a pool, and had actual metal chairs IN the jacuzzi (seating up to 5 people at a time). These chairs have sensors which activate when you sit on them, and they release jets of water on your pressure points. Amaze 🙂

Finally, I need to tell you about the food. With 5 restaurants and 6 bars (all with unique, differentiating settings) on the resort, you really are spoilt for choice. A few of these restaurants are situated on the beach and are built around pools- you can literally eat with your toes in the sand and take a dip in the pool between courses.

Our first lunch was at Seselwa, a beach restaurant specialising in traditional island food. I opted for the king prawns, so good!


At dinner, often the only light we had was a candle at the table. Great for ambiance, not so much for photography. I did try and take some photos, but you need to try it yourself to get the full experience 😉

My favourite restaurant was called Cyann. The setting was spectacular, it reminded me of some of the upmarket trendy restaurants we saw in New York.

Cyann has a sushi chef on duty at lunch, and we had the best sushi EVER. I was also terribly impressed by their tea offering (a selection of teas imported from India) and the way it was presented- I’ve commissioned Rishav to find a teapot like that for our kitchen!

Loved this

On the final night, we had dinner at the buffet restaurant, Corrosol. I was actually surprised at how many people were there, I wondered where they all came from! This comes back to the point I made in an earlier post about how the resort never feels crowded, despite the occupancy being high. I loved the wide variety on offer (all of a very high quality), but didn’t really like the fact that the buffet was extremely crowded, meaning at times we had to queue to eat.

Spring rolls and a selection of tempura. Fried anything is yummy!

The next day, we were treated to a private breakfast in one of the neighbouring villas- the view was divine..

And then, before I knew it, it was time to bid farewell to Ephélia. I can’t stress this enough- when planning an island holiday, don’t settle for the commercial factory that is Mauritius. I loved it when I went, but rather spend a bit more and go to Seychelles. Its unspoilt mountainous setting and breathtaking beach make it FAR better.

Here are some beach shots to end off with. The water actually changes colour at different parts of the day.


Visit Ephélia’s website here.

I must say a BIG thank you to Michelle and the staff at Constance for making all of this happen at very short notice. I owe you guys!