I love when my city surprises me: Narina Trogon, Braamfontein

I’m quite lucky to work where I do, because we get free food in our canteen. The food is of a really high quality and there are tons of options, so I seldom leave the office to go anywhere else for lunch. My cbd based friends often come and visit me for lunch at the office, but in my quest to discover the city, I’ve been trying to explore local spots in Braamfontein.

A few weeks ago, I met up with an old friend from campus at Narina Trogon on De Korte Street. After spending about 15 minutes trying to parallel park (unfortunately that is the only option when you’re in the city), I eventually made it to the restaurant and I felt like I was transported into another part of Jozi.

I found the food on the pricey side (burgers were R85, sandwiches R50, cajun chicken breast R90), and to be honest it wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’d bad either. I’d probably go back just for the cute setup.

The restaurant has a really adorbz lounge area at the entrance (with a fireplace!), a large seated area and an outdoor table which I love. Check it out…  

Love this outdoor table, can totes imagine a summer afternoon drinks sesh here!


If you find yourself in the city and want to eat at a good lunch spot, try it out 🙂