Review: Stayover at Hotel Orient and dinner at Mosaic

This post is sooo long overdue. I went to the Orient Hotel a while ago, but because I can only write about stories on the blog after they’ve been published in the Sunday Independent, I had to wait to see if we were going to do a story on it there before I could cover it here.

In comparison to Cape Town, our premium restaurants are really lacking. Everytime Eat Out releases a “best restaurants” list, there are only ever 1 or 2 Jozi spots on the list. I’m really not sure why- not like Cape Town has access to anything more than Joburg does, apart from the view. Anyway, the only restaurants which have ever made it onto that list are Roots at Forum Homini, DW11-13 and Mosaic at Hotel Orient.

The Orient is a stunning getaway close to Hartbeespoort/ Pretoria. There are only 10 suites, and each one is individually decorated in an “oriental” theme. The furniture is all specially chosen- and The Orient itself looks like a castle from the outside, so you really feel like you’re royalty.

The bathroom was my favourite part of the room- just LOOK at how big it is! Love the adjoining balcony too- you can see a bit of it on the right
Reading the Heat mag that was in the pile of mags left for us to read in the room- they know me so well!

The main lounge area (a public area downstairs)

We saw this gorgeous long table set up for a corporate dinner in a private dining room.. love.
After relaxing in our room for a few hours, we headed down to dinner. I’ve had brunch at Mosaic before, so already had high expectations, but it was my first time having dinner there. Of course, staying over made it that much more convenient and we opted for wine pairings too. Dinner was priced at R755 for a 10 course menu and the wine pairing was an additional R350. Pricey, yes, but so worth it for a special occasion. It is really such a special experience- each dish is prepared so intricately, with the tiniest details added. And it doesn’t just look good, it tastes amazing too! Note that there are ALOT of foodie pics to follow (it was 10 courses, after all), so don’t read if you’re hungry đŸ˜‰
Bread, glorious bread. Obviously I ate all of my share + some of Rishav’s before the food arrived
A gift from the chef- vegetable and herb jelly with edible flowers
The Garden: Composition of Asparagus and Cauliflower

The Seashore: marinated scallops, tempura prawn, oyster
The Forest: Country terrine with wild mushroom salad
Palate cleansing sorbet
The Ocean: Cape Whiting with a herb beurre blanc
The Field: Braised fennel and goat’s cheese risotto

The Meadow: Roasted duck leg confit with caramelized foie gras and butternut sauce

The Dairy: Chef’s selection of local and international cheeses with Mosaic’s signature cheese bread
The Orchard: Dark chocolate and pear opera torte… SO good

Heaven: Coconut cream and pineapple mousse

The Plantation- Coffee and petit fours

As you can imagine, by the time we finished ALL of this PLUS wine I was in a food coma… and ready to pass out! Unlike other places I’ve experienced a meal with many courses, we didn’t have to wait ages between each course so I was glad that we finished relatively quickly.
I woke up still full, so we took a walk around the garden and took in the scenery. The Orient also has a museum and a cinema on site- really cool.
Next, it was time for a sumptuous breakfast before we got on the road again. It was 5 courses and was every bit as decadent as I’d imagined.

I loved the Orient, and really recommend you try it out for a special occasion, the staff go all out to make the event memoriable.
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