The most intense workout of my life – SWEAT1000 review

Despite exercising for most of my life, I seem to have remained at the same fitness levels since I started. Maybe it’s because I don’t push myself, or maybe it’s just my body. In terms of weight loss, my diet makes up 80% of the weight I gain or lose, with exercise only balancing the other 20%.

That said, I enjoy keeping fit and I am always keen to try out different methods of exercise. Due to time constraints, I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels workout at home most days after work- which I find quite intense and effective. There has been alot of Twitter buzz about SWEAT1000, a revolutionary new exercise concept which has opened in Morningside and Nicolway centres.

I went to try it out for myself last weekend. I read up about it beforehand and discovered that it is a revolutionary full body workout that caters for all fitness levels. Hmm.. I’m not so sure about the latter part. You can go at your own pace but I do think that SWEAT1000 is for people who already are exercising and not so much for people who are just trying to get into an exercise routine.

The concept is pretty similar to what Jillian Michaels’ concept is- for effective weight loss, you need a combo of strength, cardio and abs. At SWEAT, you start with a 10 min jog on a treadmill, then move to strength exercises like pushups, lunges, squats, weights etc for 10 minutes. The next 10 minutes are spent on the treadmill again, but this time the incline is pushed up, so you’re basically powerwalking up a steep hill. You continue this way, alternating between strength and cardio, pushing up the intensity level as time goes on. Rishav and I couldn’t manage the last bit of cardio (walking up a 30 degree incline), so we just did what we could. On the strength stuff, we pushed ourselves and made it through everything.

When we were done, I felt so good- I’ve NEVER had such an intense workout before. The aerobics gym classes I normally go to were nothing compared to this. Rishav and I agreed that if you can push through and do SWEAT1000 5 times a week for 2 months, you’ll end up with a ripped body (provided you eat well too).  The class is run very well and the trainer keeps you going- when you really need to push yourself he switches the lights off, puts up some disco lights and turns the music up so you feel like you’re in a club!
I just don’t know if I personally could bring myself to go through that again;) To be honest, I couldn’t see myself doing it before or after work, maybe only once a week on a weekend.

The next day, we were DEAD. I couldn’t walk up stairs or sit properly- a sure sign of it working! I should have taken a before pic but this is us after the class- finished!

Your first class at SWEAT1000 is free… so visit the website to check out which class is closest to you and give it a try!