Media Cook Off with Granny Mouse at the Parkhurst Kitchen

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages, but just haven’t gotten down to it.
Last month, I went to Parkhurst Kitchen, a gorgeous cooking school, for a cookoff with other media, headed by the Granny Mouse head chef, Evan Coosner.

If you haven’t heard of Granny Mouse, it’s a stunning country hotel in the Midlands. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t been to the Midlands yet, but I’m hoping to explore this part of SA soon.  It’s gorgeous there in Winter, making for the perfect getaway.There’s also alot to do in the area, including Ziplining, quad biking, golf and day tours of the surrounding areas.

The chef, Evan, has worked all over the world, even cooking at a Michelin star restaurant abroad. Along with the other media, he showed us how to whip up a feast for R100 per person, in half an hour. We made ciabatta from scratch and cooked it on the Weber, then did bruschetta. We also made delicious crepes. I got to see that Evan is a true natural in the kitchen, keeping the focus on good quality, fresh ingredients.

Obviously I chose to work on dessert!

It was a fun experience and although I had to leave early to get back to my day job, I enjoyed getting to know some new media peeps.

Although I haven’t personally been to Granny Mouse, I cannot tell you what a stay there is like, but from what I can tell it looks really special and it’s on my todo list this year. They also have exclusive wedding packages if you’re looking for a destination wedding.

Check out some pics:

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