3 Jozi Pop Up Spots You Need to Know About

This is just a quick post to make sure that you guys are in the know about pop up dinners which are currently all the rage in Jozi.

The first one is Secret EatsJozi Foodie Fix blogged about it here, but basically the (very exciting!) concept hails from Cape Town, and the idea is an underground SURPRISE dining experience. They’ll get the best chefs from all over the country to cook, and you’ll only find out where the venue is on the day. Tickets are quite expensive (R650 pp if my memory serves me correctly), and they’re invitation only, but anyone can request an invitation (sneaky?) I can’t make the one coming up next weekend but I hope to make the next one in July.

Visit www.thesecreteats.com for deets on that. 

The next one I want to tell you about is Union Bar’s pop up restaurant at Melrose Arch called The Dining Room. I skipped the launch a few weeks ago- when I first started this blog I was a bit of an event whore, I went to everything, sometimes multiple events in one night – no innuendo at all there 😛 Now I still go to the odd event, but I try and prioritize my family (ie husband and cats).

This is their second year hosting the pop up bar, but for the first time this year there’s a restaurant too- seating only 16 people and hosted by Vicky Crease, culinary goddess. I’ve tasted some of her food at a couple of corporate events I’ve been to and it’s always amazing.

By the time I visit The Dining Room and then blog about it it’s probably going to be too late for you to get a booking, and it’s only going to be around till 13 July, so you’d better get moving. The bar offers artisan cocktails and the restaurant Michelin starred food. The menu looks particularly enticing, read here. 6 courses for R350 –> not bad! 

Lastly, check out Farm Feasts. This is an unconventional dining experience in spectacular locations, like greenhouses and strawberry patches, started by people who love food and love to cook. I’m going to the next feast on Sunday 9 June and I’m really looking forward to it, food and sunshine are my two favourite things! (ok, airplanes too). There is also a feast happening on Saturday 8 June at Sunherbs farm- R550 covers your 4/5 course meal + beers and wine. Buy tickets here or visit www.downtoearth.travel. I want to do a story on this in the Sunday Independent so you may not see a review about it for a while 🙁 

It feels strange to blog and not give you an update on my life… so if you don’t wanna know (and just use me for my foodie knowledge :P, stop here.) 

Truthfully, it’s been a really rough time for me. My dad’s lung cancer has worsened and has spread to the brain. I was in PE last weekend and it was my first time seeing him in hospital which was hard. I think everyone has come to terms with the situation and the fact that he isn’t going to get better 🙁 I got to spend some quality time with him and my mom but it’s sad to see him so weak, he’s lost alot of weight too. He’s at home now, and doing relatively well. All we can do now is take things one day at a time. As you may know, I’ve got my European trip coming up in 12 days and I’ve been in 2 minds about whether or not to cancel it. I’ve decided to carry on as planned, and cancel or come back if I need to. It’s not a decision I feel entirely comfortable with, but I hope it all works out.

In other news, my hubby writes his CFA exam on Saturday, so after that I’ll FINALLY have a husband again! He’s a lot less moody than I am when I’m studying so I’m grateful for that. In fact, he’s been at home on study leave for the past 2 weeks and I’ve had a yummy meal waiting for me most days when I get home from work 🙂 We haven’t been eating out for the past month and although I’ve missed wining and dining terribly, I’ve lost 2kg because of it- without changing anything else. Well, I’m sure it’s going to come back double fold because I have TONS of foodie reviews lined up now that my foodie partner and photographer’s calendar is free again! And of course, when in Paris I plan to feast on Nutella crepes and cheese croissants. 

So yes, I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing and I’m carrying on with my life and my exciting plans and the things I love but the bottom of my heart is very sad. Sad for my dad and sad for my mother and sad when I think about all our family memories that we may not have a chance to replicate.