Breathwork at Woodlands

I’ve blogged about Woodlands Wellbeing Spa, a holistic healing centre in Muldersdrift, before. Basically it is a healing spa, as well as a yoga studio and centre for conscious living, situated on the banks of the Crocodile River in the Cradle of Humankind.  

Woodlands is hosting a series of breathwork workshops from 18-26 May with an international breathwork expert, Dan Brule, who has taught breathwork to more than 60,000 people in over 40 countries. To read more about Dan and his work, visit

The theory behind breathwork is that breath is our primary source of energy, and most of us have dysfunctional breathing patterns which can lead to fatigue, anxiety, weight gain and chronic illness.
The benefits of breathwork range from relief of physical pain and aches, stress and anxiety to lifting the mood and facilitating a state of calm.

I know this sounds “airy fairy” and it’s hard to justify these things unless you’ve experienced it and seen results for yourself. If you are feeling a little on edge, or just generally unhappy- this may be what you need.

There are specific workshops for weight loss- this is something that is of particular interest to me. According to Woodlands, the emotional aspect of obesity has a huge impact on stress levels which in turn has an effect of breathing patterns. They claim that people who are overweight often have stuck breathing patterns as a result of the weight itself, which may result in shortness of breath.

By restoring natural patterns and using specific breathing techniques, the metabolic rate can be increased, sleep patterns can be restored, and stress can be relieved- all leading to successful weight loss.

There is also a “breathwork for peak performance” workshop for sports leadership- here you can learn a breath technique that will optimise sports performance.

In addition, there are private sessions available.

Here is a brief summary of what is on offer with pricing. I think the pricing is reasonable, if you consider that you will be equipped with tools that will last you for far longer than the actual day. Of course, if it doesn’t work or doesn’t add any value to you then it’s hard to justify the price, but at least you’ll have a day of relaxation in a beautiful environment.

Sat 18 May: 10am-5pm. De Stressing with the Breath. R950, or early bird offer R750.
Sun 19 May: 9am-4pm. Wasted Worry and the Art of Not Giving a Damn. R950, or early bird offer R750. 
Mon 20 May: 10am-1pm and Wed 22 May 6pm-9pm: Breathing and Weight Loss. R450, or early bird R350
Thurs 23 May: 6pm-9pm:  Breathe Your Way to Prosperity and Abundance. R450, or early bird R350.
Sat 25 May: 10am-5pm: Effective Breathing for Sports Leadership and Peak Performance. R950, or early bird offer R750.
Sun 26 May: 9am-4pm: Breath Coaching Tips for Coaches, Therapists, Teachers. R950, or early bird offer R750.

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You can also visit the Woodlands website here:

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