My new go-to takeaway spot: Schwarma and Co in Norwood

Until recently, I wasn’t a fan of falafels. I tried them at Anat, but nowhere else really. Then, I tried the falafels at Teta Mari, and I was hooked. The thing is, Teta Mari is only open during the day… and it’s pretty impossible for me to escape work for lunch so when I dine at restaurants it’s usually for dinner.

I heard about Schwarma and Co from a few people- they all raved about it. I went to the website and it looked a little seedy, but I decided to try it anyway. I LOVED it.

It’s on Grant Avenue in Norwood and the restaurant is quite tiny. It has more of a takeaway kind of vibe but I’m glad that there is seating because with all the toppings I added to my schwarma, it would have gotten soggy by the time I got home.

In addition to ribs, burgers and steaks, the menu offers laffas (a big wrap) and schwarmas with your choice of filling- beef, lamb or chicken or for veggies: haloumi or falafel. You place your order, and then when it is your turn, you go up to the counter to build your meal- much like Anat. Only, the fillings are way better. They’re fresher, and there’s a MUCH broader variety as well. A main meal shouldn’t set you back more than R60.

I opted for falafel, stuffed with grilled brinjals, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tahina sauce and chilli. It was HUGE. I actually struggled to sleep that night because the meal was far heavier than I’m used to 🙁 So maybe just pace yourself! I really enjoyed it though. Rishav had a lamb schwarma and also said it was super yummy.  

Next time you want a filling, delicious takeaway, give it a try? They are Halaal as well.

Contact details The Schwarma Company:
71 Grant Avenue,

Call: 011 483 1776

Have a fab weekend! I’ll be going to the Winter Sculpture Fair tomorrow- who will I be seeing there?