What would you do if you were Dropped in the middle of nowhere?*

Heineken is currently running a really cool campaign called “Dropped”. The tag line is: “are legends born, or made?” They’ve picked a bunch of random dudes from all over the world, and have “dropped” them in a completely unfamiliar location with very limited supplies and directions- the end goal being to get home. The guys are all really keen at first, until they find themselves in the freezing wilderness of Alaska, for example, with nothing but a giant life ring, a plane ticket and a tuxedo to get home, with the airport being hundreds of kilometers away. Watching the series on YouTube is pretty cool because you can follow the journey of the various guys and if you’re an ambitious dude, you can submit your own video entry to stand a chance to be part of the campaign.

Check out this video of Cape Town graphic designer, Craig, who literally got dropped (like, from a plane), in Poland.

xx H