Cnr Cafe : The Perfect Friday Night Dinner Spot

I’m ashamed of how little I’ve been cooking lately (like once or twice a week, max). We’re out and about at events or doing restaurant reviews most nights, and when I do get down to cooking it takes so long that I’m often left feeling like I’ve wasted my time. On Friday nights, I’m particularly averse to cooking. After a long week at work the last thing I want to do is slave over a stove. I’m also usually exhausted by the time Friday arrives so while I’m always keen to go out, I don’t want to have to wait a long time for food, or get all dressed up. Everyone loves Foundry or the Griffin on Fridays but honestly, I just don’t have the energy to scream at the person next to me. Finally, I’ve found the ideal spot for a casual Friday night dinner. It’s trendy, the food is good, there’s a lively ambiance, and it’s affordable.

Cnr Café in Craighall has been around for ages, and I’ve been there a few times before for breakfast (I like sitting outside on the patio in the sunshine), but only once for dinner. I really liked it. There’s something on the menu for everyone- classics with a quality twist. Think fish and chips with Norwegian Salmon instead of hake, and my favourite, parmesan chicken and chips. Rishav thought their beef burger was excellent too. The food probably won’t blow you away, but it’s reliably good.

I’m not sure who does their cakes (or if they’re done in house) but the dessert selection was great, and we had a really delish cheesecake.

We sat inside close to the open kitchen, and it was a little bit noisy for my liking.. I kept hearing “table 8, chicken prego, now” or “let’s move, come on!” which detracted from my dinner experience a bit but I still really enjoyed the experience.

I like the bistro vibe and can tell that there is a focus on quality and good, prompt service. You can expect to pay around R250 for a 2 course meal for 2 people- good value I think.

Cnr Café Contact Details:

Address: Cnr Buckingham and Rothesay, Craighall

Phone number: 011 880 2244