WIN! Free meals for a year at Jozi’s top restaurants

I love eating out. I avoid cooking at all costs. Thankfully I review restaurants a lot so I don’t often have to spend much time in the kitchen, but with the Entertainer, I’m going to be eating out even more!What is the Entertainer, you ask? Basically it’s an app/book (it’s available as both) which allows you hundreds of 2-for-1 deals at some of Jozi’s top restaurants. So you pay for 1 main, and get 1 free. You can use up to four vouchers at one time, so if eight people are dining, only four people pay.
I know it sounds very Groupon-y (I was sceptical too), but the restaurants options are really upmarket- think Thomas Maxwell Bistro, Red Rabbit, The Raj, Green Peppercorn, Piza E Vino, to name just a few! If food’s not your thing, there are also spa, hairstylist and leisure offers available.
Also, there are no restrictions- i.e. you can use the offer on a weekend, and you don’t even need to tell the restaurant you’re using the Entertainer deal, you only need to tell them before asking for the bill, so you don’t have to worry about being treated any differently. If you download the app right now on your phone, you will see that there are a few deals available to you immediately, while some of them are locked. The full boutique of offers sells at R495, currently available for 40% pre order discount, and that’s valid for all of next year. You can purchase online- see the link below.

Today, I have 5 Entertainer apps/ books (you can choose), to give away to 5 Jozilicious readers!

All you need to do is tell me what your favourite restaurant is available in The Entertainer
Johannesburg 2014 packages. A full list of partners can be viewed here. Enter using the widget below.

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The winners will be announced in a week and you’ll receive your prize in December. All
incentives in the Entertainer Johannesburg 2014 are redeemable from 2 January 2014 to
30 December 2014. For more information visit or tweet @EntertainerZA. Good luck!