Jozilicious Refreshed!


When I started this blog, some two years ago, I had no idea it would become such a huge part of my life. I’m a fully fledged freelance journalist now, which definitely would not have been possible without Jozilicious. I’ve also been on countless press trips, with lots more planned for next year 🙂 It’s literally changed my life.

When I started the blog, I used Blogger and designed everything myself. It was clear that as my portfolio grew, it was time to upgrade. Unfortunately, although Blogger is easy to use, it is very restrictive in terms of layout, so a move to WordPress was necessary. I wanted a clean look that was easy to navigate, so I asked around for web designers and was referred to Joomper by darling Natasha from Raising Men. These guys have been absolutely amazing. They’ve done EXACTLY what I wanted, including creating an interactive map for my travel posts from scratch, which I haven’t seen on any other travel blog. They’ve been really patient with all my stupid questions, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result. I asked around for some quotes,  and asked international companies who specialize in moving blogs from Blogger to WordPress- the quote I got from Joomper was half of most of the other quotes. I cannot recommend them enough. If you need some web design work done, email Joomper at

I used Talya’s blog- Shades of Gold as inspiration because I love how clean the blog is, and how the pictures stand out. I also love the layout of the Magnifying Glass, so I told Joomper I wanted a cross between the two.

For the logo, I wanted something simple but sophisticated, so I looked to Tatjana Buisson, a really talented graphic designer. She worked hard on the logo and chose something that fits the tone of my blog- the handpainted Jozi skyline speaks to the dreaminess of the blog,  and the travel, food, lifestyle was done in a serif font to ground the logo and give it a sense of integrity. The font for Jozilicious is a slick, clean font with a difference.

Tatjana is passionate about graphic design, photography, travel and anything that inspires upliftment. I actually found her at the Food, Wine, Design Fair, where I was shooting for Eastern Mosaic. I loved her stand so much that I got them to do a little segment with her. She was selling her “Postick” postcards, which are awesome. They’re stickers that look like the back of a postcard and fit onto the back of a photograph- or anything else really. She also designs her own range of cards and does other design work too. If you like sending postcards, go check out her site: – this is an online platform where anyone can access the stories and postal addresses of people who are experiencing challenges or celebrating achievements. It enables you and anyone who has access to the internet to send an uplifting and encouraging postcard to someone else who will greatly benefit from your friendly words on a postcard. The project has been running for over two years now and it’s gained a great deal of momentum. People from around the world are sending postcards to strangers who are bed-ridden or struggling through challenges. Get in touch with Tatjana on

At first, I was hesitant about spending money on my blog because it doesn’t really generate much money- I see my blog income more as pocket money, not at all a steady income that I can rely on. I don’t know if I’d want my “job” to be this blog- I feel like I have more to offer the world than just this. There’s only so much event attending, writing and travelling I can do before I start craving some left brain stimulation. Jozilicious has always been more about self expression for me, and the old format was restricting that. Now, with a little bit of investment from my side (which I’m sure will generate either monetary or other returns), I’m displaying what I want to display in a format I absolutely LOVE.

I hope you enjoy the new look. Thank you for reading today, and always!

xx H