How To Travel With A Man: The Guide For The Girl Who Wants To Do Everything

Writing this post has been on my mind for years, but it took a very long time for me to perfect the art of Travelling With A Man. When I first met my husband, he thought that travelling was a waste of time and money and he had zero inclination to travel. Very quickly, the travel bug bit, and soon he was creating his very own travel bucket list. Everyone has their own travel personality, but generally while girls are more organised and practical, guys are more spur of the moment. This can sometimes cause a clash. We’ve been on lots of holidays together, but the trip we’re currently on, in the US, is the first one where I’ve gotten the planning right- so that we’re both happy and enjoying ourselves throughout, and it’s been the best trip for us both yet.

Here is my guide to Travelling With A Man- tried and tested! Note: I have met some guys who are the “planners” when it comes to travel, if this is you, then switch all these around- the same will apply for How To Travel With a Woman: The Guide For The Man Who Wants To Do Everything 🙂 This post is meant to be funny and tongue in cheek. Feminists, please do not attack me!

1. Keep Him Fed. With Good Food.

– I know some guys love McDonalds, Burger King and Subway, but this is all predictable food that you’re eating for the sake of eating. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a foodie, so I beg you, do NOT eat processed food at fast-food chains when you travel. If you’re on a budget,in Europe, rather look up the best bakery, and get some baguettes with cheese, or in the US, go to better quality fast food outlets like Chipotle. If your man has had a good meal, he will be happy. My man is a foodie, yours might be into beer or milkshakes or some other random thing. If the latter, look up the best bars and go for a drink there, or the best ice cream bar- whatever it is- you’ll get the same result.

– In the US, I came across this great site- and I’ve been following all their recommendations. Some are hit and miss, others are good. Either way, it’s really up to date and it’s a nice alternative to eating from guidebook or concierge recommendations which can tend to be touristy/ outdated.

– Carry his favourite snacks on the plane and have them handy when you’re touring

– He will probably get hungry far quicker than you do. Do not plan back to back activities over meal times.

Scouting out the best tikka chicken in Mumbai
Scouting out the best tikka chicken in Mumbai

2. Do Not Plan Every Moment Of Every Day

I’ve been there. Wanting to maximise on time, I would plan our entire day, zipping through museums, seeing towers, statues, anything of relevance. Sure, I ticked stuff off my to do list, but it was too rushed to enjoy any of it. Instead, rather plan your first activity of the day as a must-do, and then note other activities as optionals if you have time. Make sure they’re in a similar area so you don’t have to travel too much. When visiting temples/ churches, be careful not to see too many because this can get boring. Rather pick 2-3 main ones and only see these.

3. Spend A Bit Extra On Comfort

The worst part of travel is the flight. Especially from South Africa. Try and get exit row seats (some airlines allow these to be booked for free, others charge), or treat yourselves with lounge access while in transit. These small pleasures will make the commute a bit more bearable.

4. Let Him Do Something He Loves, Even Though You May Hate It

An optimal day is one where you’re doing something you both enjoy, but there will undoubtedly be an activity each of you really wants to do that the other really doesn’t want to do. Happiness is seeing the person you love happy, right? You don’t need to give up an entire day for said activity, but just grit your teeth and pretend like you’re interested in seeing a wax figurine of the Hulk 🙂

The Grand Prix in Singapore- I have absolutely no interest in cars, but hey, I was keen to go to Singapore!
The Grand Prix in Singapore- I have absolutely no interest in cars, but hey, I was keen to go to Singapore!

5. Factor In Some Chill Time

The biggest change I’ve made when planning this trip vs. all others is being okay with spending an afternoon or evening in our hotel room every few days. Previously, we’d be out the entire day, leaving both of us exhausted by the end of each day, losing momentum for the next. It was and still is hard for me to sit in a hotel room in iconic cities like San Francisco for example, like I’m doing right now, when there’s so much exploring I could be doing on the streets. A holiday is about rejuvenation, and you can’t do that if you’re constantly on the go.

The hotel room at the Saxon in JHB. Definitely worth spending a few hours in
The hotel room at the Saxon in JHB. Definitely worth spending a few hours in

Updated with tips from readers:

– Louise: always pack your own bag (I love this one, we once shared a single bag and constantly fought about him having to lug the 40kg bag around. Never again)

– Louise: If he’s into sport (this is particularly applicable now, during the world cup), find a quirky cafe that you will also enjoy to watch the game at

– Naqiyah: If he’s an avid gymer, check out the gym at your hotel in advance t o make sure it’s up to scratch

– Naqiyah: Make sure your hotel has wifi!

Do you have any tips of ways you’ve made your travel Man-Proof? Let me know 🙂

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