The Alphen Boutique Hotel: 5 star accommodation in Constantia, Cape Town

Hello all,

I really had hoped to blog more once in Singapore but time is just passing by so quickly. I seem to have more freelance writing on my plate than ever before which is great because I don’t have a real job anymore so even the meagre rate per word is better than nothing, but not so great because I’d hoped to write about stuff besides Joburg and SA by now. I guess that is my area of expertise, so to speak, but I’m sure that I’ll slowly run out of content, or my content will become outdated. Whichever comes first, I’m looking forward to sharing more of the Singapore life with you- which I really am loving!

Today, I want to share one last CT hotel review with you from my visit there in August. Our last night was spent at the Alphen Boutique Hotel in Constantia, a stone’s throw from the botanical gardens. It’s always a trade off for me between the comforts a large hotel has (dedicated concierge, room service) vs. the character of a boutique hotel. Alphen seems to strike a perfect balance of both- it’s small enough (19 rooms) to still qualify as “boutique”, but has all the luxuries you could ever need and more. Our room had two bathrooms- his and hers, plus an entrance hall and a balcony. It felt like a little apartment. I simply LOVED the decor. When I finally have my own place, I’m definitely going to steal an idea or two from the Alphen- the black and white with a touch of colour and gold totally works for me. Other great touches in the room- 300 thread count linen and a coffee machine.




I received really personalised service from reception/concierge – I needed some documents printed out and asked if the hotel had a business centre. I was told that it didn’t, but the receptionist gave me her email address and made sure that my docs got printed- she even had them delivered to my room.

The hotel dates back to the 17th century and is spread out over 11 acres of gardens. I loved walking around the property and exploring. The hotel seems to be a popular hangout for locals, due to the in house restaurants, 5 Rooms, pretty outside seating.

My favourite part about staying at the hotel was breakfast at La Belle, which is like having breakfast at a cafe vs. a hotel. I can’t tell you how tired I am of the standard hotel buffet breakfast, so it was fabulous to order from a menu, and the restaurant has a warm, inviting ambiance. Again, a lot of locals, mainly business people, choose to have breakfast at La Belle, which adds to the nice vibe. I had blueberry pancakes which were excellent, and I was very tempted to grab a freshly baked biscuit out of the cookie jar- yum!

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The Alphen currently has a great special running: if you pay for 2 nights, you can stay for 3 nights until 16 December. Visit for more.

Have a great week! xx H