Jozi’s New Tapas Spot: Vicky Cristina’s

I know I know, Vicky Cristina’s isn’t still “new”, but there is a chance you may not have been there yet. If this is the case, go! I went during the day, and admittedly, the black and red decor does lend itself more to a nighttime ambiance. We tried a little bit of everything and I was really really impressed.


Good food doesn’t always need to be synonymous with a snooty, upmarket restaurant, and Vicky Cristina has hit the nail on its head with its food offering. The crispy calamari is among the best I’ve ever tasted (think even better than my all-time number one calamari at Koi)- think tender, with a coating that is perfectly crisp and tangy. Prices are reasonable- most tapas, which are good for 2 people to share, are priced at R49. 3 tapas dishes will be more than enough for 2 people.


The idea is Spanish tapas, and there are a lot of authentic dishes on the menu. However, the menu also features some crowd-pleasing favourites that are done really well. Instead of pizzas, Vicky Cristina’s offers “Cocas”, which are Spanish Flatbreads- pretty much a pizza 🙂 I loved mine- basically everything you could want in a pizza, not overly cheesed, perfect crust thickness, and the right amount of toppings.



The restaurant is decorated with blown up pictures from the Vicky Cristina Barcelona movie, and I really like the shots that were chosen. They add an air of glamour, and who doesn’t love that movie?


I really like the idea of just ordering a bunch of food for a large table and having a taste of everything. There’s live music on the weekends so you can make an evening out of it. Also- how amaze, no corkage for 1 bottle of wine per four people at the table and a minimal charge thereafter. Things can get rowdy quickly so make sure to keep it safe and get a cab- there are lots of Sandton cabs that operate around there.


Vicky Cristina’s is situated at the Colony Shopping Centre, Craighall, Johannesburg. Visit