Kuramathi Maldives- 5 star luxury at 4 star prices

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In my last post about Maldives, I told you about Kandolhu– a stunning 5 star resort. Today, I wanted to tell you about the other resort we experienced, Kuramathi. To be honest, I was quite grumpy when we arrived. Our flight landed at 11am, and we had to wait at the Male airport until 3pm for our connecting sea plane transfer to the resort. I’m pretty strapped on time so I was annoyed that I had to waste the beautiful day in an airport, but to be fair, it wasn’t the resort’s fault. The sea planes are operated by an independent company and the resort has no control on the timings. They have a comfortable lounge with free food and drinks (and most importantly, wifi!), so the 4 hours passed by quite quickly.

Airport Lounge at Seaplane Terminal (2)


As soon as I arrived at the resort, I was immediately 100% happier. Our room had its own jacuzzi and was RIGHT on the beach. Toes in the sand kind of stuff. The room was super spacious with all the amenities you’d expect from a 5 star resort- gowns and slippers, his and hers basins, luxurious toiletries.. I’m actually not sure what could be added to make this resort 5 star.

Beach Villa with Jacuzzi (4) Beach Villa with Jacuzzi (5) Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009 Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009 Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009

It’s one of the bigger Maldivian resorts, and spans 1.8km! There are 6 different bars and 6 a la carte restaurants. In terms of food, my view is similar to that of Kandolhu- quality food, beautiful presentation, great ambiance in the restaurants- but the food is lacking a bit in flavour, generally.

Dhoni Bar (1) The Reef (3)

There’s loads to do on the island, including diving, snorkelling, catamaran sailing, windsurfing , parasailing and of course chilling at the spa. There’s also a kids club so the little ones will be entertained for hours. The sunsets are gorgeous and we spent quite a few hours just enjoying the views over cocktails. I also did a guided snorkelling safari that was really cool.

IMG_0052 IMG_0053

Kuramathi Snorkelling

Diving Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009

Even though the resort is so big, you never feel it. I loved the fact that there are 3 buffet breakfast restaurants- because that’s where you normally feel the crowds.

The thing that really wowed me was the service. You know how it is on beach holidays- you wear no makeup or jewellery and are in swimwear and flip-flops all day. I had been taking my watch on and off throughout the trip, and I was certain I took it off before going to dinner the night before we left. When I woke up on our last morning, it was nowhere to be found. We called reception and the guy who cleaned our room- we turned the room upside down- it was NOWHERE. Being the scatter brained person I am, I couldn’t say for certain that I hadn’t dropped it somewhere on the island, so I resigned myself to the fact that my beautiful Tag watch was lost forever. Confession: I actually imagined purchasing myself a Daniel Wellington watch to replace it (which I’ve been eyeing for a while.)

I told the general manager and we went to breakfast, and when we were about to check out, I was given an envelope with my watch in it! They found it in the bathrobe I was using at the spa, which I visited the day before! That means they would have had to first figure out that I was at the spa (which I didn’t mention), and then go through the pockets of each and every robe, all in 30 minutes. I was amazed.

The resort has rooms to suit every budget, ranging from rooms on the beach, to water villas.

Kuramathi Maldives, October 2009

For more on Kuramathi, check out their site here: www.kuramathi.com